Month: March 2012

National Cleavage Day 30/03/2012

One of the better ‘Days’ in the year for guys. No idea how it works for the girlies but lets be honest this is definitely a day for the fellas.   The ladyees have Valentine’s Day so it’s good for

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31/03/2012 : Football / Soccer Predictions (UK Leagues)

Here we go with my Saturday footie predictions, I have to be totally honest and say this season I have been pretty pathetic in the football world, every week some one does me in, but hey that’s gambling!  Maybe if

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NBA 31/03/2012 (UK) 30/03/2012 (USA) Predictions and as its Friday let’s GO NUTS!

It’s Friday night so lets make this one a biggie.  Eight teams, all to win, no handicaps, coming in at just over 9/1. Nuff said – Get on it and good luck! (odds correct at c23:15hrs on – Oh

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NBA Predictions 29/03/2012

Well that didn’t work out. But it was close. The Pacers at 1/3 let us down. That was four out of five and I’m going to count my bit tip of the NY Knicks too so it is actually five

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29/03/2012 – NBA Predictions – Pre Pay Day Flutter Anyone?

Well the football was to be a long shot last night, and it never paid off, but it was touch and go in my humble opinion, 2-0 inane match (we needed the third) but the Barca match could have easily

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28/03/2012 – Champions League Football…A crazy double

Well hopefully you all got on last night’s NBA SIX timer at 6.51/1, and therefore should be up a little profit, so what I suggest, as I am expecting a big night of European football, is two big performances from

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28/03/2012 – A little flutter for the NBA

I have picked a few NBA teams for tonights games (which I have put on here as 28/03/2012, as thats when they start here, in the early hours, if you are viewing this blog in America or associated timezones the

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A follow on from the NHS post – Pensions – A thought

This is a viral email that I thought fitted in with my previous post on the NHS and how the decent people are being treated by the government! This is not a new sentiment but if we keep forwarding it

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NHS – Who is really for! Why does it exist? Do we need it? Do we want it?

NHS Logo

This is certainly not a bite at the NHS!  The people who work in it, our doctors and nurses, paramedics, dentists and everyone else from the cleaners to the chefs are all pretty much decent hard working dedicated people, who

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24/03/2012 – Boost the bank balance until payday with these football / soccer accumulators – Hopefully!

I have picked out two footie accumulators for you for the matches later on today, the first a five timer that returns at over 6/1 : // And the second is a quad returning over 3/1 : // Good luck,

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