Month: May 2012

Coming Soon : The NW200 and another G-Shock!

Just a quick note of what’s coming soon.  I have a full gallery featuring some of the great action from the North West 200 Motorcycle Races, and another unboxing of a G-Shock, this one is rather special in that there

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Harmony Hill Car Show : Lisburn : 12/05/2012

Harmony Hill 6 : 12/05/2012

2012 is Year Six for the Harmony Hill Car Show.  It is set up and run by a friendly little chap called the ‘Weed‘ and although it is a strange name, the work he does is good.  Harmony Hill is

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May 2012 – Reebok ZigTech Unboxing :

Reebok ZigTech

Just a little bit of randomness here, I have decided to start running in a ‘hopeful’ attempt to get fit. Having done about 16 miles in a pair of running shoes that I think I got around 2004 I decided

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G-Shock G-001-HC ‘Jason’ Unboxing

G-Shock Jason

G-001 JASON: Taken from the G-Shock Facebook Info Page : These new models revive the legendary DW-001 model design that first appeared in 1994 and quickly became a hit with young people who like their fashion with a bit of

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Panasonic TZ-30 Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Sample Shots!

Pansonic TZ-30 Initial Thoughts

Seems sometimes that I am trying to play catch up in relation to this little piece of TBNI, but around 19 days ago I mentioned an unboxing of my new Panasonic TZ-30 along with some initial thoughts and a few

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28/04/2012 : Northern Ireland’s Festival of Speed – Maze / Long Kesh – Lisburn ; Full Gallery and Afterhtoughts…

Flyin' Ryan

As promised here is my little post on Northern Ireland’s Festival of Speed.  I won’t labour on and on about it though, just check out the pics for a pretty concise series of events for the day. Remembering that this

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Payment Protection Insurance : Reclaim? Is it worth it?

You just can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing one of those awful PPI Reclaim adverts. They got me thinking, I had loads of loans when I was younger and living the dream. I couldn’t be in the

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06/05/2012 – The Day the Premier League is Decided?

With two games remaining in the Premier League for both Manchester sides today looks like the critical one. City are at the top of the league and when you look at the remaining matches on paper United should take all

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Coming Soon : G-Shock G-001-HC ‘Jason’ Unboxing

It is the Marmite G-Shock, love it or hate it, you know you want to look at it! Coming Soon is my unboxing of this re-release of this Classic G-Shock…

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April 2012 – Best Skins Ever Install – iPod Nano 6th Generation

Best Skins Ever

As I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of Zagg and their InvisibleShield product, however from a little experience and some reading I decided to have another go with a Best Skins Ever for my new 6G iPod

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