Month: June 2012

Coming Soon : iPhone 4s Griffin Survivor and Ballistic HC Covers

Following on from my recent postings about phone covers I thought as I have a good bit of experience with them I would continue it on a touch. I’m all about the extreme protection and to start off I thought

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Google Chrome & Google Drive Released for iOS

Today is a great day for all things Google and at the same time all things Apple! Why so? Because Google Chrome is released today in the App Store for all iOS devices. This has been met with much cheer

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Coming Soon – ‘Durable’ iPhone 4s Case – Thoughts / Reviews and Photos…

'Durable' iPhone Case

Is this the world’s strongest iPhone case? It definitely looks and feels like one, and guess what you can pick one up for under £8.00! So is it all it is cracked up to be? I’ll let you know when

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The Relentless North West 200 – Portrush 17 – 19 May 2012 Galleries.

Get 'er Lit!

I know I have been promising these for quite some time, and if you have been contacting me in relation to when they were going up please accept my apologies for the delay. It just took a little longer than

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Coming Soon – Extreme Stunt Show Gallery

Extreme Stunt Show

If you live in Northern Ireland you have without a doubt seen the posters up in every town across the country for this ‘Extreme Stunt Show.’  I was really dubious about how a stunt show could be mobile and good,

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And so Euro 2012 begins

The Euro 2012 Championships start today and it will be a full on couple of weeks of football. A great way to get through the summer void. So make sure you follow my twitter for all my tips and thoughts

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Coming Soon – The Ultimate Car Clean

So I love cleaning my car, and I always do a thorough Spring Clean ever year, actually a couple of times a year.  This year, as I now have a garage I have decided to do an epic clean.  I

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