Month: August 2012

Casio SGW-300H-1AVER Unboxing

Casio SGW-300H-1Aver

G-Shocks are my thing, they are indestructible, well almost, and I like things like that, just look at my choices of phone cases, iPad covers and so on, however I seen this little Casio (non G) on a forum, brand

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iFace 2 iPhone Case – Thoughts and Photos…

iFace2 Cover

As quickly as you have read and learn about the iFace cover for the iPhone, here now is the iFace 2. This allegedly has been produced to eradicate the problems of the iFace cover which unfortunately plagued the original case

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iFace iPhone 4 / 4s Case : Thoughts and Photos…

iFace iPhone Cover

The iFace cases are currently found all over eBay and YouTube at the moment, they are hugely popular and also due to this popularity they range massively in price. Expect to pay around £5GBP to have one delivered in the

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Griffin Survivor iPhone 4/4s Case Thoughts and Photos…

Griffin Survivor

Having been an admirer of the Griffin Survivor Case for quite some time I purchased one around a year ago. It took me so long as this is an expensive case, at the time I bought it it had just

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Ballistic HC iPhone 4 / 4s Case – Thoughts and Photos…

The Ballisitc HC is one of the range of cases in the Ballistic range, in this instance the ‘HC’ meaning ‘Hard Core!‘  The others in the range are : LS – Life Style & Life Style Smooth SG – Shell

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3 Weeks and Not a Word!

I’ve been flat out recently hence the silence, however I have a few wee unboxings and reviews that I have been promising that I would like to get posted up and get caught up, so I’m gonna try to do

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California Scents Air Fresheners – A little smell of sweetness!

I had read a lot about good air fresheners, something a little more special than your usual ‘Magic Tree’ (which to be fair I also like).  So after a little research and a great deal on eBay I decided on

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