26/01/2013 – Pray for Goals : The Results

Simply put the result for today’s Pray for Goals is a no winners to report.

However if you look closely you will see how painfully close each individual bet was. And as such how close the big £2k accumulator also was!

Bet 1 – let down by two away goals.
Bet 2 – let down by one home goal and one away goal.
Bet 1/2 Accum – As above.
Bet 3 – let down by 2 home goals and one away goal.

I am off the opinion a home goal letting you down is unforgivable, so shame on you Derby, Nottm Forest and Plymouth.

Even more so it should be noted that from my picks only one match was totally goalless.

Very close. But hey a good afternoons entertainment.


26/01/2013 – Pray for Goals Part II

Just in a little addition to my last post about a Saturday football accumulator here is a little expansion on it.

The three sets each have a stake of £5 and top two have a stake of £1 for the 14 matches.

A total of £16 returns £2784 at the time of writing with Bet Fred. The top two sets are on the bonus goals galore coupon.

Good luck and just remember its just for fun. A bet of this scale may come once in a lifetime. But it definitely adds to the Saturday afternoon experience.


23/01/2013 – New Ken Block / Hoonigan Livery Revealed…

On a day that many Ken Block fans (me included) look forward to as much as the release of the next Gymkhana video today say the first official sighting of the Ken Block Ford Fiesta HFHV (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle). It was due a day or two ago but got postponed, but hey here it is and just look at it, who gives the littlest of a sh£$ that it was delayed this thing is an absolute work of art.

No more words, just look…


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Casio Edifice EF-552PB-1A2VEF – Unboxing

So personal choice of watch is the Casio G-Shock, however I am partial to the Edifice range also. The Edifice range feels more formal and therefore may be more suitable for certain circumstances.

An Edifice for example may give a better first impression at a job interview than say a bright yellow G-Shock, then again the G-Shock could actually say a lot more about you than a metal banded watch. Who knows? Who cares? Let’s just settle for they are a different style of watch that may suit you sometime when you fancy a different style of watch!

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2013 : Apple Rumours Already?


Today is only the first day back to work for the majority of the world after the Christmas break.

Even so, having been doing a little bit of light browsing on the net the rumour mill is already going mental with predictions of what Apple will be throwing out to us this year.

To save you the trouble of checking out all these rumours at such an early stage here is the summary.

Lets see how many of them turn true over the next 12 months.

1. iPad Mini with retina display (99% likely).
2. iPhone 5s (40% likely).
3. iPhone 6 (59% likely).
4. Coloured next gen iPhones (65% likely).
5. iOS7 (99% likely).
6. iPad 5 (99% likely).
7. Some AppleTV upgrade. Most likely a huge upgrade.
8. A6 processor. (99% likely. Also 99% likely that Samsung won’t be making it).
9. Different iPhone screen sizes. (10% likely).

Hopefully this little list will quench your thirst for rumours. I’m interested in watching how they develop.