2019 Manx Grand Prix Race Programme

Press Release : Manx Grand Prix – Race Programme for 2019

Manx Grand Prix Race Programme 2019
Manx Grand Prix Race Programme 2019

Following the success of the 2018 MGP races, the organisers, The Manx Motor Cycle Club, will retain the same programme for 2019.  This will see things kick off with the Newcomers’ race on bank holiday Monday 26th August 2019.

Wednesday of race week will see the Junior MGP Race with the  first of the two Lightweight/Ultra-lightweight races in the afternoon. Friday features the second Lightweight/Ultra-lightweight races in the morning, followed by the grand finale of the Senior MGP Race bringing the event to a close in the afternoon.

Once again, the Lightweight race will feature the popular 650cc twin cylinder machines, and the Ultra-lightweight race, the 400cc, 125cc and Moto 3 bikes.

The club has decided to buck the trend and retain the class for 400 and 125cc bikes at a time when many race organisers have dropped the category.

Manx Motor Cycle Club chairman, Peter Maddocks said: ‘We felt it was appropriate for us to retain the smaller capacity class as it offers an opportunity for younger new riders to enter the event and get them interested in competing on the Mountain Course.’

Any newcomers wishing to be considered for the 2019 event should register their interest by email to heather@mgp.co.im 

Practices for the 2019 Manx Grand Prix start on Saturday, August 17th and the event finishes with the Senior race on Friday, August 30th.

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For details on the 2019 Isle of Man TT Schedule Click Here.


Apple Special Event : 30th October 2018

Apple have just had their special event – the one the world has been talking about since the last one.  The new iPhones (iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR) were announced at the last one, this time the hype has centred around new iPads, new Macs, a new Apple Pencil, and the possibility of a new Mac Mini.

Well lots happened in New York so if you missed the live stream here’s all the announcements and what to expect from Apple in the not too distant future.

Apple Event - October 2018
Apple Event – October 2018

First we were welcomed to New York in typical style – as it happens I also happens I like New York!

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PlayStation Classic : Confirmed Games List

PlayStation Classic
PlayStation Classic

Sony have announced the 20 games that will be preloaded on the upcoming PlayStation Classic (which some outlets are referring to as the PlayStation Mini).

A few points to note :

– The PlayStation Classic will release on 3rd December 2018 – the 24th anniversary of the original PlayStation.

– The PlayStation Classic will not work with controllers not supplied with the unit – so your DualShock 4 isn’t going to work.  The unit will ship with two controllers that should work and feel like the originals – but that is your only control option.

– The PlayStation Classic will not be getting more games in the future – so no downloads, no addons, no Minis – what you get on the machine is your lot.

“There are no plans to bring new content to PlayStation Classic post-launch.” – Sony

– The PlayStation Classic has a built in ‘virtual’ memory card – so you will be able to save your games.

– The PlayStation Classic will connect to your TV via HDMI.

The games listing has brought some controversy, personally I think it looks OK, there are plenty of Classic games in there.  Unfortunately there are some questionable releases as well.  I could make a list of dozens of games under the ‘What About…’ title but that’s futile, the list is out and the debate over what is more deserving is an absolute matter of opinion, of which we are all entitled.

We have got what we have got.  The biggest question then is – ‘Do you feel this is worth eight of your hard earned pound coins?’

So here we go – here is the long awaited list of games coming to the PlayStation Classic :

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2019 Southern 100 Press Release : Ultra Lightweight Class Dropped from Meeting

Southern 100 Circuit Map
Southern 100 Circuit Map

Southern 100 Racing, organisers of the Isle of Man Steam Packet  Company Southern 100 International Road Races are to make a  number of changes to their racing classes for the 2019 event which  takes place Monday to Thursday 8th – 11th July.

The main change is the dropping of the ‘Ultra-Lightweight’ 125cc/400cc class from the programme along with the discontinuation  of the Support races.

However, with the increasing number of entries being received for  600cc machines, the organisers are to include an additional race for  this class.

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2019 Ulster Grand Prix Dates Confirmed

2019 Ulster Grand Prix Dates Announced
2019 Ulster Grand Prix Dates Announced

Welcoming the announcement, star of the 2018 MCE Insurance UGP and Man of the Meeting, Peter Hickman, who romped to easy victories in both the 600 and superbike races said: “I’m already looking forward to racing back at the Ulster GP, it’s one of the best circuits on earth!”

The dates for the 2019 Ulster Grand Prix have been confirmed.  

Wednesday 7th August 2019 will get the Practice Sessions underway.

Thursday 8th August 2019 will see four race sessions – currently scheduled as Superbike, Supersport, Ultra Lightweight/Lightweight and Supertwins.

Saturday 10th August 2019 is Race Day and is currently scheduled for 7 race sessions across all classes.

Check out the Official Ulster Grand Prix Website Here : http://ulstergrandprix.net

“It’s always close racing and the track is a firm favourite among fans and riders alike, but there is so much more to enjoy during Bike Week, as it is five days packed with full of entertainment and activities for all ages.”

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Apple Hardware Event Coming to Brooklyn, New York on 30th October 2018

Apple October 2018 Hardware Event
Apple October 2018 Hardware Event

Invitations for the Apple October 2018 Event have been sent out.  It will happen on 30th October 2018 in Brooklyn, New York .

There’s more in the making.

The invitations this time are a little bit special (they always have hidden messages and clues as to what to expect).  This time though there are at least 18 individual art works for the invitations – a new one appearing each time the invitation reloads!

UPDATE : The previous estimate was grossly underestimated there are (so far) 370 confirmed unique designs!

See the end of this post for all the confirmed designs so far…

https://www.apple.com/apple-events/ – Just click Refresh to see an alternate art work!

Apple October 2018 Event Artwork
Apple October 2018 Event Artwork

So what should we expect?

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BaseQi SD Card Adapter Speed Test for MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro : 

As the owner of a MacBook Pro (which is an amazing bit of kit) I fall victim to the same downfall as most owners – the small internal SSD.  My MBP holds a mere 128Gb of internal built in storage.

MacBook Pro Early 2015 Specs
MacBook Pro Early 2015 Specs

Now that 128Gb storage is almost instant access – being a quick SSD.  When paired up with 8Gb of RAM and the 2.7GHz i5 machine it really is a very capable bit of kit – in fact most of this blog, associated photos and media all stem from this very machine.

But let’s be honest 128Gb is not enough.

But let’s be even more honest.  It isn’t a huge deal either.  With portable options now readily available, you can easily get 4TB in your pocket, 400Gb SD Cards are becoming more affordable £ / $ per Gb and you can even get super fast tiny and portable SSD drives which are amazing for rending video and other demanding tasks.

SanDisk 200Gb Micro SD Card
SanDisk 200Gb Micro SD Card

Personally I have always opted for a connected portable hard drive.  My drive of choice at the moment being a USB 3.0 2TB Seagate drive.  It is quick (as you will soon see), it is small, and it is plug and play.  I have the majority of my apps on it, all my games and store images on it that I won’t be using immediately.  

I keep it pretty clutter free and it means my storage issues – aren’t issues.

As far as SD cards go I always (from habit more than anything else) use a USB 3.0 card reader.  (The one I use is from Anker).  It means I can just pop the card out of my camera / GoPro / drone… whatever and have the media transferred quickly and hassle free on my terms.  I don’t like plugging in a device and having it tell me what image importer to use, or what editor, so with the Card Reader I import and use as I please.

If I am editing photos / video on the go I import them onto the Mac’s SSD, do what I need to do, then upload them or store them on the portable drive.  It is no doubt easier and quicker to run on the SSD, and it means if I am mobile I don’t need to worry about the portable drive and where to set it.  But then you reach the limiting factor of the maximum available space.

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Casio G-Shock GBD-800 Unboxing

Following on from the analog G-Shock GBA-800 Casio have released a digital variant, the GBD-800, of their fitness tracking, step counting, bluetooth tough watch.

Press Release : 

The following press release is taken from GShock.com :

Casio G-Shock GBD-800 US Colour Way Options
Casio G-Shock GBD-800 US Colour Way Options

DOVER, NEW JERSEY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 – Today, Casio G-SHOCK unveils the latest additions to the Men’s Power Trainer Series with the release of the GBD800. Available in two color ways of black with red accents (GBD800-1) and black with neon green accents (GBD800-8), the models are compatible with the G-SHOCK Connected app and include new technical features such as a re-designed full digital display and phone finder function through Bluetooth Mobile Link.

The models come on the heels of the analog-digital GBA800, which was released earlier this year in partnership with U.S. Olympian and G-SHOCK brand ambassador Louie Vito. Geared towards athletes and active individuals, the GBD800 features a step tracker function that breaks down daily steps taken in five metabolic equivalent levels (MET) – all of which are displayed in a graph via the G-SHOCK Connected app.

The watch also boasts a work-out timer with up to five intervals and an updated digital display of three different rows to easily track fitness progress. Toggling between modes, the top display showcases a step graph and lap number, while the mid display showcases time and the bottom display showcases the total number of laps and steps.

Other key features include a built-in stopwatch with 200-record memory, an auto super illuminator LED light, target alarm and auto time update capabilities.
Each model also comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology such as:

    • 200M water resistance and shock resistance
    • 5 daily alarms
    • 1/100th stopwatch and countdown timer
    • Dual Time
    • Round timer


    • The GBD800-1 and GBD800-8 will retail at $99 and will be available for purchase beginning in October 2018 at G-SHOCK retailers including Macy’s, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and


Europeans are even more lucky – the basics of the press release remains the same but we get much broader colour ways with some pretty awesome options in there over the US’ black and green and black and red.

Casio G-Shock GBD-800 European Colour Way Options
Casio G-Shock GBD-800 European Colour Way Options

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