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So, I haven’t updated this is a few days and thats a real shame as I have so much to say, rather than this just being a blog post, this is actually here for two reasons, one to say I haven’t forgot about my little piece of the web here, and secondly to act as a reminder to myself as to what it is I actually have to say. Which is something like…

– The iPad unboxing and Zagg invisibleshield installation
– A few thoughts on ‘School Runs’
– A few thoughts on bullying drivers
– A taste of what a good clean to a car can do

And thats about it at this moment in time, but hey ho it is after all now 01:41 hours, and I have been suffering from a major lack of sleep lately due to work but meh whatever, that’s coming soon enough !

16/03/2012 NBA Tips and Predictions – Another 7/1 Shot


Those are my tips for tonight. The top one there for anyone who doesn’t know refers to Crossmaglen Rangers a GAA Football team who pretty much rule their sport and at -3.5 should be an easy touch at almost evens. that’s a St Paddy’s Day match so of the NBA results come in it will give you a sweat while you get your Guiness down ya!

So bet sensibly for fun and enjoy

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Launch Day 16/03/2012 – Apple TV; Unboxing and Quick Review

With each and every launch day that Apple announces a buzz inevitably follows.  A buzz that means one thing, a queue outside your local Apple Store.  Today is Friday 16th March 2012 and that signifies another Launch Day for an Apple Product.  Actually on this occasion it means two products making their entry into the Apple world.  The first needs no introduction as it is officially the world’s most popular tablet – The new iPad, or the iPad 3, or the iPad HD, or as the box says the 3rd Gen iPad.

The second product to be released today is the new AppleTV, the main thing for this sleek little bit of kit is the addition of support of full HD, or 1080p.  I personally have never had an AppleTV before, but it has always intruiged me.  I pretty sure I don’t need one, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need an iPad either, so negating the ‘need’ issue, the next question is do I want one?  Hell yes!

So they come in at £99.00.  Pretty tidy little price tag, I think when these devices debuted they were clocking closer to £400!

Why then do I want one?  I have no idea!  Probably because it has an Apple on it!  Anyway I decided that I would sacrifice the 4G model of the iPad and take the £100 saved and splash the cash on this, and therefore in effect be £1 up, result!

So today I had a great day shopping, having queued outside the Belfast, Northern Ireland Apple Store from around 05.30am in I walked to the store and a mere 10 minutes later walked out £658 lighter in the pocket, but with a new AppleTV in one hand, the other gripping onto my new white 64Gb wifi iPad.  Result!

Oh and remembering Northern Ireland is a pretty small wee country the queue at this time of the morning was reasonably substantial : (Although to be fair, last year with the 17.00 hours launch of the iPad 2 the queue was 4 or 5 times this!)


By the time the door opened I would reckon there was around 250 people waiting, good work Apple. And yep it was an event, cheering, high fovea, wooing, running, photos, videos, tweets, facebooking and free tea and coffee.  All makes it that little bit easier when you are standing there! Anyway, I bought the iPad and the AppleTV.  The net will be flooded today with iPad related posts so I thought I would go visa versa and mention briefly the Apple TV – (Also I haven’t opened by iPad yet as my Zagg InvisibleShield hasn’t arrived yet!  Thanks expansys for your pi$$ poor delivery speeds by the way.  Everyone else who does ‘1st Class’ gets things here First Class (99% next day) not four days, and with Monday being a bank holiday that won’t be happening either! Piss poor expansys, piss poor my friends! The AppleTV then, here you will find the unboxing photos, I won’t bore you with the details, that’s ultimately why I took photos, but it is easy to see the usual applies, the packaging is discreet, tidy and exceptionally well designed, beautiful from Apple as usual.  Even the little plastic protectors over the AppleTV are works of art, remembering once you rip it out of the box these little strips are for the bin, but yet clearly effort has went into their design…




Here’s the rest for you to admire…


The last three pics there give you a little insight into the new layout and new app icons that AppleTV has decided on, and with this being my first look at the product I am massively impressed.  The first thing I noticed was that the setup was an absolute gift.  Enter your wifi password, enter your AppleID and away you go, that’s it, it’s done!  Then turn on home sharing in the settings and every tune you have, very movie is just waiting there fore you to listen to or watch, this to me is brilliant.  I have noted also that Photostream is there and waiting however I haven’t turned this on yet, on anything, phone, MacBook, old iPad, so it is still a bit alien to me, so I will give you a verdict on that is a few days onceI have a proper play around with it.

Couple this with the vast library of stuff on iTunes and this is a pretty decent media centre for £99!  I had a quick blast with the HD and decided to watch a trailer, and boom clicky, likey, streaming in glorious HD, it was quick and this was at 17.00 hours on a Friday evening.  Good stuff, this is something I am looking forward to playing with properly.

I will post up more thoughts on AppleTV as I go along, but initial impressions are, easy setup, looks wonderful, vast library and home sharing…great.

Oh and Airplay just popped into my head, Airplay looks great, but I need to get the iPad cracked out for that, so hurry the hell up expanses and get my IS here quick smart!

Anyway, I bought the iPad and the AppleTV.  The net will be flooded today with iPad related posts so I thought I would go visa versa and mention briefly the Apple TV – (Also I haven’t opened by iPad yet as my Zagg InvisibleShield hasn’t arrived yet!  Thanks expansys for your pi$$ poor delivery speeds by the way.  Everyone else who does ‘1st Class’ gets things here First Class (99% next day) not four days, and with Monday being a bank holiday that won’t be happening either! Piss poor expansys, piss poor my friends!

NBA 15/03/2012 – A 7/1 Shot just for fun!

As the title says this is just for fun, there are a few ‘ropey’ ones in there, but I haven’t put up a basketball flutter in a while so here you go, late notice I know, but hey is it not more fun this way…Will the Heat spank the Bulls at home though?  The bookie seems to think so!

Good luck, to me I mean 🙂

The Heat are strong favourites here considering they are playing the Bulls away, IMHO anyway!

MLA’s get an 11% Payrise! Forget the teachers, doctors, paramedics and police!

Yeah indeed, they get an extra £5000

Extract from the BBC News Website : See the full story here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-17366868

An independent panel has decided that assembly members pay should rise by almost £5,000 from April 2013.

The 11% increase to £48,000 will be financed by a cut in office costs.

An MLA’s basic pay is currently £43,101. MLAs who are committee chairs get another £11,331, while deputy chairs get an extra £5,667.

Junior ministers get £19,609 on top of the basic while ministers get £37,801. The first and deputy first ministers are entitled to £114,535 each.

Now maybe I am out of line here but at a time when the average Joe is struggling financially, a time when fuelling a car is becoming difficult for the working man / woman, it is not the time for our ‘elected’ representatives to be bumping up their wage to the tune of £5000.

This is at the same week when health workers earning under £21,000 will get an extra £250 ANNUALLY, anyone over it will be FROZEN for ANOTHER YEAR!

This is at the same time were the UK  Police are looking at having their wages FROZEN FOR THREE YEARS.

This is at the same time the genuinely decent human being out working every day is getting taxed on food, fuel, road tax, PAYE Tax, TAX TAX, to make sure the scum of society can get their benefits and luxuries like their 50″ Plasma TV to watch that wee shit Jeremy Kyle on, instead of getting off their ass and getting a JOB.

This is at the same time that the UK has accepted that there are around 500,000 illegal immigrants claiming benefits that they can’t possibly process.  This is forgetting about the immigrants that are here and getting benefits under fraudulent asylum claims.  (BTW I support beneficial immigration and genuine asylum.)

This is at the same time that the banks are being bailed out by the ordinary decent tax paying man and woman.

This is at the time when the average Joe is crippled trying to keep themselves right and decent!  Who is paying these extra £5000, yeah indeed the average Joe!

Sort it out Stormont!  I hear you scream but we are cutting expenses to fund this rise – behave yourself!  We all know what Politicians and expenses means.  Nice garden gnomes by the way where did they come from?  Oh really expenses, well shit!  Gimme my bit of the gnome back!

Show me the money, oh no wait the Politicians are getting it!
Show me the money, oh no wait the Politicians are getting it!


Cheltenham 2012 – Not too shabby thus far!

Cheltenham, in fact any horse racing meeting is normally a disaster for me, and by disaster I mean total economic disaster.  However with Cheltenham this year things have went pretty well!  I started off with a stake of £10 and at the end of Day 2 I now have a balance of £20.  (The bets placed are not accurate here, however the stake / return ratios are exact – of X has become 2X)

And here so far is the course to glory:

14-Mar 14:59
Cheltenham, Race 5, Win Get Me Out Of Here € 4.00 € 0.00 € 20.00
14-Mar 14:57
Cheltenham, Race 4, Win Finian’s Rainbow € 4.00 € 20.00 € 24.00
13-Mar 15:50
Cheltenham, Race 6, Win Quevega € 0.00 € 0.00 € 8.00
13-Mar 15:49
Cheltenham, Race 6, Win Quevega € 5.00 € 8.00 € 8.00
13-Mar 15:48
Cheltenham, Race 5, Plc Garde Champetre € 5.00 € 0.00 € 5.00
13-Mar 15:16
Cheltenham, Race 4, Win Hurricane Fly € 6.00 € 0.00 € 10.00
13-Mar 08:56
Cheltenham, Race 2, Win Sprinter Sacre € 10.00 € 16.00 € 16.00

So anyway long may it continue, well at least for the final two days, at this rate I am going to aim for a return of 8X, although I have to admit I think X would suffice!

If you are interested in what I will be predicting over the next two days of the festival then check me out on twitter @tomboyni

That’s right the big day is here!

Well Happy Birthday to me! I’m off celebrating it at the fine North Coast town of Portrush, Northern Ireland.

Ore importantly I have my tickets booked for Lush! Nightclub tomorrow night. So here’s to the freaking weekend… Have a pint on me and enjoy.

Oh and follow me on twitter for any random updates and photos that make it out there! @tomboyni

See ya later. After the hangover!

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Well that’s one for one!

Well that’s one for one and I know it has taken me a while to update you but here’s another one for you…

I’m taking no responsibility for this one so it isn’t counting against my stats. But here you go, tonight at Dundalk at 20.00 you wanna pay a bit of interest to ‘Romeo’s on Fire’ currently firing in at 8/1!

Good luck and happy birthday to me!

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