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Casio G-Shock Bluetooth GBA400-1AER UnBoxing

G-Shock GBA400-1AER Bluetooth Watch UnBoxing Review

With Smart Watches taking over the world, is there a place for a non smart watch? Absolutely!  Of course there is, many people have no interest in a Smart Watch, many people would rather speed £500 on a wrist watch

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G-Shock GA-1000-FC-1AER : Unboxing

G-Shock Aviator GA1000-FC-1AER Unboxing

My latest G-Shock to the collection is the G-Shock ‘Premium’ GA-1000-FC-1AER from the Aviator Series. With its titanium strap and bezel, and functions consisting of but not limited to a compass, thermometer and altimeter and couple these features with its

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Unboxing : Casio G-Shock GX56-4ER – The King G (Orange)


In the G-Shock Watch World this huge G-Shock is affectionately known as the ‘King-G.’ And that it a title it rightly deserves. At the time of writing this is currently the largest offering in the G-Shock range with dimensions of

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Coming Soon : The NW200 and another G-Shock!

Just a quick note of what’s coming soon.  I have a full gallery featuring some of the great action from the North West 200 Motorcycle Races, and another unboxing of a G-Shock, this one is rather special in that there

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G-Shock G-001-HC ‘Jason’ Unboxing

G-Shock Jason

G-001 JASON: Taken from the G-Shock Facebook Info Page : These new models revive the legendary DW-001 model design that first appeared in 1994 and quickly became a hit with young people who like their fashion with a bit of

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Coming Soon : G-Shock G-001-HC ‘Jason’ Unboxing

It is the Marmite G-Shock, love it or hate it, you know you want to look at it! Coming Soon is my unboxing of this re-release of this Classic G-Shock…

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