Colas Post-TT Races : Billown : 8th June 2019 Results

2019 Colas Post-TT Races 

The traditional end to the TT Festival takes us back down to the south of the Isle of Man to the Billown Course for some multi-start road racing.

Thankfully the weather held out long enough to get through the Practice Sessions and line up another great evening of racing.

It is no secret I am a big fan of the Pre and Post TT Races, honestly – factor them into your trip to the TT – it is a great course, with great racing.  It’s a great way to relax and wind down after the hectic pace of the TT – although the bikes still keep the pace up!

2019 Colas Post-TT Races

2019 TT Results

2019 Isle of Man TT Senior Race Day : 07/06/2019 : Results

After an epic 5 races yesterday the Clerk of the Course made another well informed decision to start things off early. With a ‘Yellow Warning’ for rain over the Isle of Man in force for the afternoon of 7th June 2019 a call was made to start things off early. The plan was put in place for a 10:00am start with the intention of running a full six lap Senior TT.

With the mandatory delay – only a wee one though – things got underway at 10:15am.

For the duration of the race I was live tweeting – if you fancy reading through things as they unfolded just look for the Hashtag #2019SeniorTTLIVE

Conor Cummins Sets things off for the 2019 Senior TT
Conor Cummins Sets things off for the 2019 Senior TT (Pic : iom_tt : Twitter)

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2019 Isle of Man TT Race Day 2 : 06/06/2019 : Results

With – you guessed it – the weather continuing to play havoc with every plan the Clerk of the Course could lay out it really did come down to one last roll of the dice and that was Thursday 6th June 2019. The forecast was looking positive and as long as the roads would dry out over night then there was the potential for a full day of racing and a couple of necessary qualifying sessions.

The plan had to be ambitious, but I think it would be fair to say that everyone was shocked when Gary Thompson came up with this idea :

TT2019 Schedule : Thursday 6th June 2019
TT2019 Schedule : Thursday 6th June 2019

Yes, you have read that correctly – 5 Races, 1 Day. Now that is a day of racing!

Images Courtesy of IOMTT Twitter

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A statement issued on behalf of ACU Events Ltd : Daley Mathison : 03/06/3019

Rest in peace Daley Mathison. Ride free.

Daley was an experienced competitor and was seeded 19th for today’s race.  He made his Mountain Course debut in the 2013 Manx Grand Prix Newcomers A Race, finishing fifth.  His TT career included three consecutive podiums in the TT Zero electric bike Race in 2016, 2017 and 2018 including the runner up position in the race last year, representing Nottingham University.

ACU Events Ltd regrets to confirm that Daley Mathison, 27, from Stockton on Tees, Durham was killed in an incident during the Superbike Race today at the Isle of Man TT Races.  The accident occurred at Snugborough, just over 2 miles into the Course, on the 3rd lap of the race.

He also achieved an 11th place finish in last year’s Superstock Race and a pair of 13th place finishes in the 2017 and 2018 Senior TT Races.

He set his fastest lap of the Mountain Course – 128.054mph – in the 2018 Superstock race which made him the 34th fastest rider of all time. He set the second fastest TT Zero lap ever with lap of 119.294mph in the 2018 race.

In total he started 19 TT Races with 14 finishes and 3 podiums and won 6 silver and 8 bronze replicas

ACU Events Ltd wishes to pass on their deepest sympathy to Daley’s wife Natalie, his family and friends.

Daley’s wife Natalie posted the following message on Daley’s twitter feed :

2019 Isle of Man TT Qualifying Session 1 : 26/05/2019 : Results

Due to poor weather conditions across the island on Saturday 25th May 2019 Qualifying was postponed until 26th May 2019 for an early afternoon Sunday session.

Dean Harrison was fastest on the Supersports, getting 6 laps on the sheets on his Silicone Engineering Kawasaki, his fastest coming in at 126.094mph. Michael Dunlop on his MD Racing Honda was second fastest with best average of 123.899mph Conor Cummins was third on the Malenco Padgetts Machine completing 4 laps, his fastest being 123.714mph.

On the Lightweights Jamie Coward continued his great form on his (takes a deep breath) SB Tuning / CMS / KW Electrical Kawasaki, his fastest lap coming in at 119.964mph. Another second spot for Michael Dunlop on his Paton / Paton SC-Project Reparto Cors lapping at 118.524mph. Paul Jordan continued with his great 2019 so far on his RC Express Dafabet Devitt Racing Kawasaki posting a average speed of 117.455mph.

Check out the full detailed results here :

2019 Isle of Man TT Qualifying Session 1 : 26/05/2019 : Results

SPAM Alert : CIA Porn Email Scam – Do not worry – Do not react!

A new email is doing the rounds trying to scam people out of thousands of pounds / dollars / Euro… whatever.

The crux of it is that the CIA are about to arrest 2000 people for downloading dodgy stuff off the internet – and guess what?  You are one of them!

CIA Porn Email Scam

CIA Porn Email Scam
CIA Porn Email Scam

Oh no!

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Download All Your Photobucket Images / Galleries (Mac Solution)

If like me Photobucket (I won’t even link to the trash) has shafted you by deciding to effectively take ownership of your photographs and content – and break who knows how many of your internet links, whether they be on social media, blogs, albums from yesteryear – we are running out of time until their next shafting!

It is a long story behind this saga but it can basically be summed up as follows – of course this is just my opinion – but here goes…

The Photobucket Story So Far:

  1.  Photobucket Got Greedy.
  2. Photobucket froze millions of users out of their accounts – then decided to charge extortionate prices to let people back in.  In the region of $400 a year to be a Premium member!  Or if you didn’t want to be Premium you could pay $99 / year to be ‘allowed’ to link to your own photos elsewhere – such as on this blog!  The result was the internet became flooded with this image :

    Photobucket held the internet to ransom in 2017 - 2019
    Photobucket held the internet to ransom in 2017 – 2019
  3. The internet obviously reacted with fury as billions of images had just been effectively deleted.  Well established forums lost years of valuable photos and posts – imagine a Tutorial on a car site with no photos – that is the reality!  Only that car site with the tutorial – was actually millions of sites and millions of tutorials, threads, content that could never be replaced.  Original Posters (OPs) abandoned threads, abandoned writing content, it was a disaster for many really decent sites – all Photobuckets fault.
  4. Photobucket reacted – they allowed the ‘hotlinking’ of images again – and the internet got its content back – but honestly the damage was done.  There was a caveat though – the images were only back temporarily.  The Photobucket fat cats decided to give users a ‘grace period’ to get their accounts in order and more importantly pay up!

    Photobucket Price Plans 2019
    Photobucket Price Plans 2019
  5. If you didn’t pay up you went to a free account – which they claim to be approximately 250 images.

To be fair – at those prices I would have paid.  But the disgraceful, underhanded behaviour displayed by Photobucket means I never will!

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Evolution Camping : Statement (26/02/2019)

Evolution Camping Scam 2019
Evolution Camping Scam 2019

Important Information for anyone using ‘Evolution Camping’ in 2019 :

Some very unfortunate news coming out of the Isle of Man tonight in relation to Evolution Camping, which no doubt will have an impact and a resultant loss for many visitors to the island for this year’s TT Festival…

Hopefully this will come to a satisfactory conclusion for all those affected.  If you are affected make sure to contact the Isle of Man Police and please share this information so that a full and accurate case can be presented against any offender(s).

The Official Isle of Man Visitor Website can be found here :

The Google Reviews for Evolution Camping shed a little more light on the experience of people from 2018 :

Evolution Camping Reviews

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