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Brexit : 24th June 2016 : The United Kingdom Votes to Leave the European Union

At around 5:20am this morning the result of the EU Referendum was declared as the United Kingdom had voted to leave the EU.  52% of the entire United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. A majority of approximately 1.3 Million

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Live Tweeting on the 2016 Uk EU Referendum. 

I am currently live tweeting all the important bits from #EUreferendum #brexit #bremain #BrexitOrNot  Follow me on Twitter : @TomBoyNI  Or right here on the side panels.  The most important vote of a generation right now!

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The Ulster Covenant 1912 – 2012

Today celebrates the centenary of the Ulster Covenant in Northern Ireland. The Covenant was signed in 1912 by almost 500,000 people to express their opposition to Home Rule. Today will see almost 30,000 marchers and supports of the Covenant and

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12th July 2012 Ardoyne Riots – via Twitter

This year I found out how truly amazing Twitter can be, and it was in a bad situation.  As you will probably no each July Belfast turns from an amazing, beautiful, diverse and accepting city into a pit of sin,

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Northern Ireland 12th July 2012 Celebrations / Riots

So it is the 12 July again and that means it is time for rioting across Northern Ireland and moreso Belfast and the Ardoyne shops. This basically comes down to the Loyal Orange Order wanting to match along their traditional

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A follow on from the NHS post – Pensions – A thought

This is a viral email that I thought fitted in with my previous post on the NHS and how the decent people are being treated by the government! This is not a new sentiment but if we keep forwarding it

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NHS – Who is really for! Why does it exist? Do we need it? Do we want it?

NHS Logo

This is certainly not a bite at the NHS!  The people who work in it, our doctors and nurses, paramedics, dentists and everyone else from the cleaners to the chefs are all pretty much decent hard working dedicated people, who

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MLA’s get an 11% Payrise! Forget the teachers, doctors, paramedics and police!

Extract from the BBC News Website : See the full story here : An independent panel has decided that assembly members pay should rise by almost £5,000 from April 2013. The 11% increase to £48,000 will be financed by a

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