Seiko Black Series SRPC49J1 Unboxing – The ‘Ninja Turtle’

The Seiko Black Series
The Seiko Black Series

Seiko recently announced three new limited edition “Black Series” Prospex dive watches, which were released in the first quarter of 2018. 

These three Prospex watches take existing vintage designs and redo them in a modern and popular black scheme – a design idea that is unlikely to fail.  

Aggressive, legible, and handsome, the black dials, tan hour markers, and white & orange hands (done in Seiko’s Lumibrite) keep from messing up the original aesthetic of the pieces. 

Seiko state that the Black Series watches are inspired by night diving and are designed to achieve maximum legibility. 

With a reported (but unnumbered) sole batch of 300, these limited editions are sure to be much sought after by any Seiko collector.  Some have reported a mere 30 items were initially made available to the UK – that however I can not confirm.

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Lego Speed Champions – Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC – 75885

Lego Ford Fiesta WRC Box
Lego Ford Fiesta WRC Box

Everyone loves Lego, no matter their age Lego is truly a 1-100 product (maybe 4-100) even publications like Time claim it to be a better investment that gold.  Generally there are two types of Lego people – the Collector and the Builder.

The Collector does just that – collects sets, puts them away somewhere safe and then, maybe, one days sells them for a profit – or at least hopes to.

Then you have the Builder – they tear the box open, tip out the contents and have fun building up whatever was inside.

I’m a bit of both- collecting and building.  Some sets I put away, some I build and some I buy a pair of, one to build, one to collect.

This set : 75885, the Lego Speed Champions Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC is one such set I doubled on.  Why?  Because I really wanted to build one and then I though it’s only £12.99 and there are an awful lot of both Ford and Lego enthusiasts so it would do no harm to buy a second and keep it pristine.  Who knows someday it might be worth a bit more?

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Mous iPhone X Accessories Unboxing and Review

Mous Limitless Accessories :

Disclosure : I purchased these Mous Limitless iPhone X Accessories direct from the review is my own as are my thoughts on the product.

I have previously posted a review on the Mous Limitless Case 2.0 for iPhone X – you can find that review right here : Mous Limitless iPhone X Case (Carbon Fibre) Unboxing & Review

I am still currently using that very case and have been since writing the review.  I am still hugely impressed by it along with its build quality and durability.  No doubt it was expensive at the time but it still looks as new and despite being used daily there isn’t a mark on it.

Mous Limitless iPhone X Case
Mous Limitless 2.0 iPhone X Case

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Casio G-Shock GBA-800 Unboxing and Review (GBA-800-9AER)

Casio G-Shock GBA-800 Unboxing and Initial Review (GBA-800-9AER)

At CES 2018, Casio introduced two new G-Shock watches to its ever growing collection of tough timepieces. Known as the GBA-800 and GPR-B1000, both devices connect to the G-Shock Connected app to help track different metrics and information.

The relevant watch to this review is from G-Shock’s new G-Squad series, the GBA-800 — a hybrid fitness watch that you can adds a little bit of fitness tech to G-Shock’s already iconic style.  It comes in six different colour models – and of course the poster child for the series is the almost day-glo yellow (or is it green) model.

Using a built-in accelerometer the watch measures your daily steps along with your walking or running pace, the amount of steps you’ve taken will be displayed on the watch, both as a figure and a graphic.

So to wet your appetite here are a few of the promo shots released for the watch…

G-Shock GBA-800-9AER
G-Shock GBA-800-9AER
G-Shock GBA-800-9AER
G-Shock GBA-800-9AER

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Netflix Secret Content Codes : Find Exactly What You are Looking For – Quickly

Netflix Secret Content Codes :

Ever wondered what to watch on Netflix and got lost in a trailer loop or just got even more confused when presented with their recommendations?

Or have you ever sat down thinking I really fancy watching a ‘Social and Cultural Documentary’ this evening – but haven’t known where to start looking?

Well things are about to get a whole lot easier to find such specific shows genres that maybe just don’t appear in your timeline.

By making a small tweak to the Netflix URL, you will be able to unlock hyper-specific genres such as ‘mockumentories’ or Asian Action Movies and Screwball comedies.

To manually explore these categories usually hidden away by Netflix, simply enter the following URL:

Then replace the “INSERTNUMBER” component of the URL with one of these codes to access the alternative genres :

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DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic Air? How About a Spark?

DJI Spark
DJI Spark

Controversial title there isn’t it?  Well that’s exactly the question I have struggled with since the announcement of the DJI Mavic Air.  Which one should I get the DJI Mavic Pro, or the DJI Mavic Air.  The DJI Spark was truthfully never even in the equation.

I should point out straight away I am a drone novice.  A first time flyer, with no experience whatsoever.  I didn’t know what to expect, whether I would even enjoy flying a drone, or whether I even actually needed one.  To be honest I didn’t ‘need’ one, but I had wanted one for quite some time.  I was constantly checking out the Phantom series, but I really wanted it to take it whilst out and about on the bike, so the Phantom didn’t really cut it.  The anouncement of the Air then made me think this is the one, easy to transport in the top box of the bike, quick to set up, quick to get in the air and user friendly settings for the camera – which is quite nicely spec’d to boot – surely this is the winner.

Then I started doing my research – a lot of research.

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8Bitdo N30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller – Unboxing and Review

Read on for Step by Step Instructions on Updating the Firmware on the 8BitDo N30 Pro for Mac / PC.

Having got my RetroPie rig up and running I was thoroughly enjoying some retro arcade action.  I had everything from an Atari to a NeoGeo, with 1000s of games from my youth all ready to go with the push of a button on my TV.

One thing felt wrong though and that was the controller.  I was using a wired xBox / Windows controller.  It worked well, plugged it in and it just worked as it should but it just felt wrong.  Playing Streets of Rage on a modern xBox controller just didn’t capture the feel.  It still played well, it is still an epic retro game, but I’m sure you get what I mean?

Then I decided to change the controller and started looking for an alternative.  One that would work well, feel good and actually capture the feel of these older style games.  I did a lot of reading on Amazon reviews as well as other sites and they all pointed me towards one brand – 8BitDo.

They have a wide range of controllers and accessories – as you can see mostly geared towards the Nintendo feel of things :

8BitDo Range of Controllers
8BitDo Range of Controllers

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Raspberry Pi – Retro Gaming Set up – Step 2

Raspberry Pi Logo

Thanks to Amazon Prime and the Next Day Delivery – everything arrived right on time for me to spend the most of yesterday setting up the Raspberry Pi and playing games that were just a distant memeory.  To be fair though the setting up was a minor aspect of the day.  It took about 10 mins to open the package, build the Raspberry Pi and have it sitting ready for it’s memory card to tell it what to do!  It is really that *easy.*

*easy* – truthfully there are a few stumbling blocks but I will post up a couple of videos at the end of this post that covers the tricky bits very well.

Raspberry Pi - What you will need for a RetroPie Setup
Raspberry Pi – What you will need for a RetroPie Setup
Samsung Evo Micro SD Cards
Samsung Evo Micro SD Cards

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Raspberry Pi – Retro Gaming Set up – Step 1

Raspberry Pi Logo
Raspberry Pi Logo

As a child of the 80’s I have been a gamer since – well forever.  That makes Retro Gaming a part of my very core!

I started off on a Commodore +4, then moved to a Commodore 64, then an Amiga 1200, in 1992 I got my first Windows based PC, a Pentium III – DX2 66MHz (with about 500Mb of HDD space) if I remember rightly.

From there I started building PCs and then I moved to Mac and I am still here.  As the same time I was also playing with consoles.  Of course I had a Gameboy, but I was more of a Sega fanboy, Mega Drive, Saturn, then I moved to Playstation, 1 -> 2 -> 3 and now 4.

Playstation was my system of choice but I still have had xBox, xBox 360, and currently xBox One.

The amount of games I had for each system was criminal, however what is more criminal is the fact that the majority of them got traded in.  If only I was wise then I’d still have every one of them displayed in my games room, insetead I imagine they are long since in a land fill somewhere.  Devastating!

Along the way I have also picked up a NES, SNES, N64, 2DS, Neo-Geo Pocket, a Master System, a Game Gear and an Atari Lynx along with a really nice Atari 2600 and a few other random systems I have picked up along the way.

I love how gaming has progressed – I love gaming.  I’m still at on the PS4, and I have the XB1 for Microsoft exclusives – and Fifa, but I love retro gaming.  So I have finally decided to try out some old skool memories using a Raspberry Pi.

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Website Review & Consumer Warning : /

This is a consumer warning – and one based on my own experiences.  It is written on fact (supported by screenshot / images) nothing has been editted to suit my agenda – negating any libel.  If or this would like to comment – there is a comment button at the bottom of this post.  I will be open and transparent and will add to this post as required.

I will not be linking to (or as doing so would be irresponsible to any readers of this post / my blog.

To keep things short and sweet I was looking a new logo for this very site.  However as the site is effectively my hobby and makes no money I wasn’t looking to spend a fortune on a logo for a personal blog – and I am not very good at art – whether computer or pen based.

So I started looking for a cheaper option.  I had previously used fiverr – which is where my initial (motorcycling) logo came from :

V2 of the Motorcycling Styled TBNI Logo
V2 of the Motorcycling Styled TBNI Logo
V1 of the Motorcycling Styled TBNI Logo
V1 of the Motorcycling Styled TBNI Logo

When I changed my bike from the red BMW F800GSA to the yellow R1200GSA the logo got a slight make over too, subtle eh?

The bike changed colour in reality - and here too!
The bike changed colour in reality – and here too!

For the sake of completeness there was a logo prior to this, which featured predominantly my long enduring Devil Dude :

V1 of the Devil Dude Styled TBNI Logo
V1 of the Devil Dude Styled TBNI Logo


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