2019 Road Racing Rider Line-Up (So Far…)

Burrows Engineering 2019 Livery

The 2019 International Road Racing Season is just round the corner and the last few weeks have been filled with #paddockrumour and whispers.

TBNI.Blog have put together the facts to bring you the 2019 Road Racing Rider Line-Up (so far).  Will he?  Won’t he?  Who is with who?  Who has moved?  Who hasn’t?  Who is back?

Importantly : Bruce Anstey is back!  

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2019 NI Motorcycle Festival : Eikon Centre, Lisburn : 8th – 10th February 2019

NI MotorcycleFest 2019
NI MotorcycleFest 2019

The 2019 NI Motorcycle Festival – Ireland’s Largest Motorcycle Festival – returns to the Eikon Centre, Lisburn from 8th – 10th February 2019.

With something for everyone the events, activities and attractions include :

  • exhibits from local dealerships covering a huge range of manufacturers
  • local accessory stores
  • local event information points
  • live displays and shows
  • and maybe even a bit of pit bike racing

So there is plenty to see and do, plenty to add to your wish list, or maybe even empty your wallet on the day.

Check out my Review and Gallery of the 2018 NI MotorcycleFest Here

Check out the Official 2019 NI MotorcycleFest Website Here

2019 NI MotorcycleFest Floor Plan
2019 NI MotorcycleFest Floor Plan

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just wanted to wish all you guys and girls a very Merry Christmas 2017

If you happen to be on your own this Christmas have a look at Twitter and the hashtag #joinin and have some banter and craic over there!

Hope Santa was good to you all, if not not and you were on the naughty list and got some coal, never worry there is always next year.

iPhone X : A Week Later

iPhone X - 3rd November 2017
iPhone X – 3rd November 2017

Rather than do an unboxing video or solo gallery of the new iPhone X I have decided to combine a gallery with my initial thoughts and a very short term review.

I have had the iPhone X a week, having been lucky enough to get one on release day (3rd November 2017), and I’ll be straight up – I am impressed.

I’ll also be honest – it is damned expensive!  A 256 GB model will set you back £1149 and if you want AppleCare it’s another £199 – so thats £1348 for a phone with 2 years piece of mind!  If you dont want piece of mind just throw your eyes over this repair price list – it may (or may not) sway your decision on AppleCare.  Personally I get AppleCare on all my Apple devices – (something I have never actually had reason to use) whether you do or not is obviously a personal choice however at these prices some sort of insurance seems like a no-brainer.

iPhone X Screen and Repairs Pricing
iPhone X Screen and Repairs Pricing

Full details on AppleCare – what it covers, and what it doesn’t and how much you pay can be found here : https://support.apple.com/en-gb/iphone/repair/service/pricing

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Quick Review : TI Ballpoint – Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus

I have reviewed a few pens on this site and pens are one of my frequent searches on crowd funding sites.  So when you couple a pen with Titanium, I am instantly interested.

This was however an eBay find, but I believe it started its life on Kickstarter as a Titanium pen that accepts 35 refills without any modification.  A plug and play pen : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/klinkokids/ti-ballpoint-pen-stylus-refill-friendly-titanium-p

TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills
TI Ballpint Pen Accepts over 35 Refills

It was well funded back in 2014 – looking $10,000 and ending up with over $38,500.

If you got in early enough you could have picked up the early bird at $59.  They currently sell for about $75 on their website.

I picked mine up for an absolute bargain price of £15 – brand new and unused on eBay!  Result!

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We Are Moving!


We are moving!

Why?  To bring you more!  More content and a better TBNI.Blog experience.

The new host will enable us to bring much more customisation, which will bring a better user experience for everyone!

So please bare with us as this move happens, hopefully it will be done seamlessly over the next few days then the changes can start.

See you on the other side!

Review : Tech21 Impact Clear Rear Case for Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Disclosure : I purchased this case direct from the Apple Store for £59.95 (GBP), the review is my own as are my thoughts on the product. 

With that said let me say I am a huge fan of Tech21 and the gear they put out.  I have a Tech21 case on both my iPad Mini (2nd Gen) and my iPhone 7 Plus – both are still in perfect condition and their Tech21 cases have kept them looking effectively unused.  It was then a no brainer for me that I would use a Tech21 case for my iPad Pro 10.5.

Off I trotted to the Apple Store in Belfast and picked up the Tech 21 Impact Clear (Rear) Case – costing a whopping £59.95 (GBP).

Prior to this I was using a : MoKo Case for iPad Pro 10.5http://amzn.eu/3umECES (NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK).

The Moko Case was great – a bargain in fact, however it wasn’t Smart Keyboard compatible.  I had purchased a Smart Keyboard so needed a case that would work with it.

So along came the Tech21 Impact Clear (Rear) Case :

Tech21 Impact Clear (Rear) Case
Tech21 Impact Clear (Rear) Case

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