2017 North West 200 Thursday 11th May 2017 Race Session Gallery

Thursday Night Action at the 2017 NW200 Event
Thursday Nights Racing at the 2017 NW200 saw some amazing racing – really putting the event back on the Road Racing Map after a couple of tragic and difficult years.

Apologies for it being a bit late, but sometimes you just get busy.

The poor weather at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Race Meeting has given me the opportunity to get caught up on a few things I had let slip.  You’ll be glad to hear the next gallery will be from the Isle of Man!

So if you are over at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races you are right about now probably wishing for the rain to stop!  Don’t worry it is going to – tomorrow is to be a lovely day.

However in the meantime to satisfy your needs for some motorbikes here is my gallery from the 2017 NW200 Thursday Race Session… (You’ll see it was soaked in glorious sunshine!)

Photos for this session were taken from the area of the Juniper Hill Chicane – maining looking down the Coast Road.

As with all of my photos please feel free to like, share and even use them.  If you do use them however please credit me with the photograph – Don’t steal it.  I don’t want to start watermarking my photos so if you do use it please – do the right thing.

Also all photos are available in full resolution, so if you would like any of the photographs in their full uneditted glory please just let me know – especially if you are one of the riders!

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For the Full Race Results (Saturday) Click Here.

For the Detailed Race Results and Race Breakdowns Click Here.

Thursday Night Racing at the 2017 NW200 Event
Look closer – it’s OK, you are not seeing double!

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