TomBoyNI 2017 Isle of Man TT Statistics 

TomBoyNI does Twitter for the 2017 TT Races
TomBoyNI does Twitter for the 2017 TT Races


If you are interested in this sort of thing (which I am) I found my twitter stats pretty awesome for the 2017 TT Races.

I covered the fortnight, practice week and race week – live and had great fun doing so.

Then I had a look at the analytics for the fortnight and was pretty shocked.

I found the following :

@TomBoyNI had 57,408 Organic Impressions for the TT Race fortnight.

24,941 were for Senior TT Coverage!  That’s just one race!

1402 Unique Hits from the UK and Isle of Man for the Senior Race Coverage!

So if you followed me during the Races or Practice, thank you. If not make sure you do so next time. I’ll be doing my best to keep you all up to date during the Armoy Road Races and the Ulster Grand Prix.

Follow me on Twitter : @TomBoyNI

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