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Quick Review : TI Ballpoint – Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus

I have reviewed a few pens on this site and pens are one of my frequent searches on crowd funding sites.  So when you couple a pen with Titanium, I am instantly interested. This was however an eBay find, but

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MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen

MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen

Continuing on with my pen theme from yesterday and the gallery of the very rare and much sought after Breitling Ballpoint pen I have another fine writing instrument to introduce you to. The MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed : MontBlanc Writing Instruments

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Breitling Pen – Limited Edition / Rare

Breitling Limited Edition / Rare Ballpoint Pen

I am a fan of a nice pen, with it being mightier than the sword and such, it is always worth writing with a nice pen. I was lucky enough to receive a Brietling Pen for Christmas 2015 and as

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