2017 Classic TT : Saturday 26th August 2017 Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT Race Results :

This week the lightweights have all been about Bruce Anstey and when the time came to shine – he didn’t disappoint. During the week he took the lap record and trashed it (unofficially) – today he took it again – officially.

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Manx GP and Classic TT Number Plates / Colour Schemes

With so many categories racing in the Manx GP and Classic TT events I have pulled this information from the ‘Regulations Supplement’ book for easy reference (and in case you were not aware.)

Now you will be able to easily identify a motorcycle, the class and the event it is racing in just by its racing number and the colour of its back plate.

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UPDATE : SNES Classic Officially Announced with Release Date…

As if by magic, mere hours after I mentioned it right here on tbni.blog the official announcement has come…

My predicition of the Mini SNES - mere hours before Nintendo announced the SNES Classic
My predicition of the Mini SNES – mere hours before Nintendo announced the SNES Classic
The Classic SNES is coming on 29th September 2017 and will be priced at $79.99 / £79.99 (although Smyths Toys currently have preorders listed at £69.99.)

You are going to have to be quick though Amazon have stopped preorders, ShopTo have it marked as ‘Sold Out’ and Game is just crashing. This is going to be another Mini NES scenario and the popularity of it is fuelling this SNES even more!  eBay already has listings for £180 and eBay.com has preorders listed at $299!  Keep an eye on places like Tesco, Asda etc who will probably start their preorders over the next day or so so in the quick so you won’t have to rely on eBay and Gumtree scalpels!

Classic SNES Coming 29th September 2017
Classic SNES Coming 29th September 2017

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New Year – New Gear (Part I) : Boots – Magnum SideWinders

The new biking season has just kicked off properly in the UK, although as I sit here typing this out tonight I look outside and boy does it look cold!  I can further evidence this by the fact that it is 0 degrees celcius outside!

It's April, in fact it is almost May and it is still freezing in Northern Ireland!
It’s April, in fact it is almost May and it is still freezing in Northern Ireland!

So there you have it, it is officially freezing!

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Subaru Impreza (Turbo) Oil Pressure Guide :

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Oil Pressure Guide

I found this useful little guide when clearing out some junk and thought I would post it up here for ease of reference for both me and anyone else looking for such vital information :

Subaru Impreza Oil Pressures:

When first started : 5 to 5.5 bar
When warn on idle : 1 to 2 bar
When driving normal : 3 to 3.5 bar
When driving hard : 5 to 5.5 bar

Cold idle : 90 – 100 psi
Warm idle : 35 – 40 psi
Driving when warm – 1500 – 2500 : 50 – 60 psi
Driving when warm 3000+ : 80 psi
Driving when cold : 100 psi

Apple iPod Classic (7th Generation) 160 GB Unboxing

Apple Certified Refurbished iPod Classic 7th Generation 160 GB

As I am sure you are no doubt well aware Apple discontinued their iPod Classic Range towards the end of 2014 siting lack of component parts as the main reason.  Since that announcement the price of any remaining iPod Classics shot through the roof so much so that a poor condition example would have easily fetched more than the cost of a brand new item when they were readily available.  Mint in box / Sealed examples often fetched more than £1000 as Apple fans and annoying overly rich hipsters grasped out to shady resellers and greedy ba£$%!ds on the likes of gumtree who hoovered up all remaining stock and put these ridiculous price tags on the items!

This trend has now taken a turn for the better and Apple have begun to regularly issue Refurbished Items on their official Store priced at a bargain £162 GBP.  The eBay traders are now having to wise up with their prices, but forget them, get yourself over to Apple and pick one up where you will benefit from 1 years Apple Warranty and the option of upgrading the warranty with AppleCare, which co-incidently I picked up on eBay for a mere £15 GBP.

The Refurb items will sell out quickly so have a look on your choosen AppStore for an app called ‘RefurbMe’ with this you can set up alerts to push to your phone the second new items come on the Refurb Store.  In the UK this is normally around 2300 – 0100 hrs so expect a late night / early morning bing and be prepared to get ordering straight away.

I am not going to even bother with the likes of a review for the iPod, it is an icon and needs no introduction, just know that this beast holds so much music you’ll never listen to it all and it even plays videos.  Oh and this is the old 30 PIN connector so hopefully you haven’t chucked out all of you old tech just because the lightning adapter appeared!

This article was written on 29/04/2015 and at this point Apple were regularly releasing Refurb’d iPod Classics on the UK Certified Refurbished Store.  I placed my order on 02/04/2015 and they have come back into stock approximately 4 times since then.  Obviously this could cease at any point without warning and let’s be honest it will stop sooner rather than later as I doubt many are returned and refurbished on the grand scale of things, so if you are interested in one get an alert set up and be ready to Click on Buy asap!

iPod Classic (7th Generation) 160GB Certified Refurbished Unboxing Gallery :

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The iPod Classic is Dead

It is a sad day indeed,

RIP iPod Classic
RIP iPod Classic

It finally happened. After years of hanging around amidst flashier, smaller, and cheaper options, Apple has given the iPod Classic the axe, thus killing the last remnant of the original iPod design.

Once the Apple website was updated following today’s event for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch, the iPod Classic was missing from the iPod section of the site. That started the speculation.

Since then, the iPod Classic is also now missing from the updated online store, and the previous website URL for that specific model now just points to the general iPod page now. Sadly, the old standby appears to be gone for good – without an announcement, memorial page, or candlelight vigil even.

It’s easy to forget that the last design revision of the original iPod launched in 2007. A final capacity bump (up to 160GB) came in 2009, but that represented the last change to the iPod Classic as Apple turned its attention to the iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle models – not to mention the iPhone.

The iPod Classic remained the last high-capacity option for music lovers who wanted a large local collection on the go; as of now, the largest iPod Touch weighs in at 64GB, while the other iPods are much smaller on the top end. With the iPhone 6 models offering a 128GB option, hopefully a new iPod Touch will emerge to take over the capacity mantle.