2018 Cookstown 100 Results

2018 Cookstown 100
2018 Cookstown 100

For a full breakdown of all the qualifying sessions and race results and timings please make sure you check out http://www.cookstown100.com/index.php/results

Every session and race has its own downloadable pdf file detailing every aspect of the session!

Otherwise here is a quick reference to all the races as they happened :

2018 Cookstown 100 Information
2018 Cookstown 100 Information

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It’s Time for the 2017 Cookstown 100!

2017 Cookstown 100
2017 Cookstown 100

So it is practice day for the for the Cookstown 100 and the roads are currently closed (until 21:30) so there is still plenty of time for you to get there and get watching some high octane pre race sessions.

Tomorrow is Race Day and the roads will close at 10:00am sharp – so don’t be late.

Here is some vital information to make sure you get there on time :

Oh and in case this has any sway on your attendance, Motorbike Racing Royalty will be in attendance : (William Dunlop has also confirmed a late entry 😉  )

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Irish Road Racing ‘in Danger of disappearing for good’ – a stark warning from Team Owner…

Read the full article here : http://www.newsletter.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/irish-road-racing-in-danger-of-disappearing-for-good-1-7813238

Respected team owner John Burrows says he fears the unique spectacle of Irish road racing could disappear for good unless swift action is taken to safeguard the future of the sport.

As exclusively revealed by the News Letter in January, the cost of providing insurance cover for National road races in 2017 has risen by as much as £4,500. Clubs are also facing potentially crippling excess payments, which have soared from £1,000 per claim in 2016 to £2,500 this year.

In the past week, two popular races in the Republic of Ireland – the Killalane and Kells events in North Dublin and Co Meath respectively – have been called off as a direct result of spiralling insurance premiums.

Only three races are due to go ahead in the South, including the famous Skerries 100 (July 1), Walderstown (July 9) and the Faugheen 50 meeting on July 23.

Read more at: http://www.newsletter.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/irish-road-racing-in-danger-of-disappearing-for-good-1-7813238

It was only yesterday that I posted about this problem, and I mentioned the need for us all to support our local clubs, and buy programs when we go to the events.  We really need to make sure we safeguard the future of this unique sport for many more generations to come!

2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs
2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs