New Year – New Gear (Part II) : Helmet – Arai X4 Detour

The official line from Arai pretty much says it all…

Adventure, grand touring or off road, no matter the riding conditions, the Tour-X4 motorcycle helmet is ready for anything. The Tour-X4 has a complete new outer shell. Redesigned to be tougher, stronger and stiffer than ever. As the Tour-X4 may be used under extreme conditions, the ventilation system has been redeveloped for maximum efficiency. The new Facial Contour System (FCS) offers more support and comfort to the lower jaw and creates a tighter fit. For an even better personal fit, there is a removable 5 mm surface foam layer on the cheek pads and temple pad from the headliner. Wear the Tour-X4 with or without peak, with or without visor and combinations of these two. The large visor opening offers plenty of room for motocross-style goggles when riding without visor.

The spec listing is as follows :

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Apple iPod Classic (7th Generation) 160 GB Unboxing

Apple Certified Refurbished iPod Classic 7th Generation 160 GB

As I am sure you are no doubt well aware Apple discontinued their iPod Classic Range towards the end of 2014 siting lack of component parts as the main reason.  Since that announcement the price of any remaining iPod Classics shot through the roof so much so that a poor condition example would have easily fetched more than the cost of a brand new item when they were readily available.  Mint in box / Sealed examples often fetched more than £1000 as Apple fans and annoying overly rich hipsters grasped out to shady resellers and greedy ba£$%!ds on the likes of gumtree who hoovered up all remaining stock and put these ridiculous price tags on the items!

This trend has now taken a turn for the better and Apple have begun to regularly issue Refurbished Items on their official Store priced at a bargain £162 GBP.  The eBay traders are now having to wise up with their prices, but forget them, get yourself over to Apple and pick one up where you will benefit from 1 years Apple Warranty and the option of upgrading the warranty with AppleCare, which co-incidently I picked up on eBay for a mere £15 GBP.

The Refurb items will sell out quickly so have a look on your choosen AppStore for an app called ‘RefurbMe’ with this you can set up alerts to push to your phone the second new items come on the Refurb Store.  In the UK this is normally around 2300 – 0100 hrs so expect a late night / early morning bing and be prepared to get ordering straight away.

I am not going to even bother with the likes of a review for the iPod, it is an icon and needs no introduction, just know that this beast holds so much music you’ll never listen to it all and it even plays videos.  Oh and this is the old 30 PIN connector so hopefully you haven’t chucked out all of you old tech just because the lightning adapter appeared!

This article was written on 29/04/2015 and at this point Apple were regularly releasing Refurb’d iPod Classics on the UK Certified Refurbished Store.  I placed my order on 02/04/2015 and they have come back into stock approximately 4 times since then.  Obviously this could cease at any point without warning and let’s be honest it will stop sooner rather than later as I doubt many are returned and refurbished on the grand scale of things, so if you are interested in one get an alert set up and be ready to Click on Buy asap!

iPod Classic (7th Generation) 160GB Certified Refurbished Unboxing Gallery :

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Pebble Watch Unboxing

Pebble Watch Unboxing & Review

With my annual trip over to the Gadget Show Live, this year I picked myself up a Pebble Watch.  With the imminent release of the Apple Watch at the time I was curious if a Smart Watch had a place in my life, but the price tag of £299 GBP was more than I was prepared to spend on a effectively what would be a trail.

As is plainly evident from this blog my watch of choice is a G-Shock, so moving to a delicate Smart Watch is a big move.

The deal on the Pebble Watch was great with a show special of £80 so I jumped on the Smart Watch ship.

Pebble Watch Unboxing Gallery :

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Late 2013 Apple iMac UnBoxing

About 3 months ago I had a great setup for my computer needs, namely an early 2011 i7 2.2 GHz MacBook Pro with a Apple Cinema display for my desktop requirements.

As my requirements changed I decided it was time for a change in the computer. Now as any Apple user knows, ‘when you go Mac, you don’t go back,’ so it was time to upgrade. The rumour mill was going mad online of a new iMac coming at the end of August. I seen it is a good time to change. So towards the end of July I sold my MBP and Cinema Display set up and squirrel’d the money away to patiently wait on the imminent product refresh from Apple.

The end of August came, and no iMac refresh came. Then along came the iPhone announcement and its subsequent release on 20th September 2013. No new iMac. During this time life without a computer was pretty tough. I did get myself a Netbook to cope with the emergencies and the iPad was worked hard until 24th September 2013 when Apple announced the iMac refresh :

Finally time to get my hands on this beast.  I decided to bit of maxing out of the specs in order to get a long life out of it.  As it was a custom build it had to be ordered online, the delivery time was given to me as some stage on 11th October 2013.

It was this date that it arrived.  Delivered by UPS, whom I found to be bound down by red tape in relation to their deliveries but that is an entirely different story!

Anyway the iMac was here and specc’d as follows :


  • 3.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz
  • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2X4GB
  • 1TB Fusion Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard (English) & User’s Guide
  • Accessory Kit

So with this spec I decided to max out the processor, the graphics and take on a Fusion Drive (some nifty technology that combines a standard spinning hard drive and some flash memory – the storage capacity of a HDD, with the speed of an SSD).  I stuck with 8Gb of RAM as this is user upgradable, and much cheaper to do yourself than having it done in the factory.

Having only been using the machine for a week I am already hugely impressed, the Fusion Drive seems as capable as the SSD I had in my MBP, the speed of regular tasks is supreme, I have done a little video editing (for the FAKE Otterbox video posted 2 posts earlier) and the speed of conversion was breath taking in comparison to what I was used too.  I have a couple of USB 3.0 external drives connected and they are super sharp in relation to the USB 2 speeds I had been working with.  The 27″ screen needs no comment other than ‘STUNNING!’

As yet I haven’t really pushed any aspect of this machine, I am looking forward to playing about with some GoPro footage to see how the graphics card handles some HD editing.  It was this sort of tasking that my old machine had started to splutter.

So in what is ultimately a very quick initial thoughts posting I am massively impressed with this machine, it was expensive, but I can see this being an investment that I will continue to enjoy for many years.

Oh and of course I got AppleCare, something I have never had to use thankfully, but anyone who I know that has can not sing its praises highly enough.

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Otterbox Armor Unboxing / Water Test and Initial Thoughts…

With my upcoming trip to Florida now only mere hours away the Postman arrived at about 9.00am with the package I was waiting on…An Otterbox Armor.

Now these cases are not cheap coming in at around £70 – £75 (or $100) however the claims they boast are definitely worth looking into!

1. Crush resistance of up to 2 tonns (1.8 tonnes) of pressure.

2. Dirt / Dust Proof

3. Drop Proof (10ft / 3m)

4. Water Proof (6.6ft / 2m for 30 mins)

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iTunes 11 – It is Here!

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 21.57.25

Apparently the new iTunes is ground breaking, designed from the base up, intuitive, streamlined and ready to rock your musical library!

It is now here, and ready for download, and has been for a couple of days. I have been using at it now since its release and I quite like it. However I really liked iTunes 10, I know people said it was bloat, useless junk, however it did what I needed it to do, and for that reason I liked it.

So how then does iTunes 11 cope or compare. Well in my opinion at this early stage it copes, but only just. There is no doubt it is nice to look at but in my short time playing around with it I have the following questions!

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