Will the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5s work with an InvisibleShield?


Having used this case for a number of hours I took it off to check that it was causing no damage. Something I do with each case I try and it is for exactly this reason that I do this.

The case has an Otterbox Logo embossed into the rear part of the case (inside the case). The rear of the phone sits against this. Upon checking my phone this logo had transferred itself onto the rear of my phone, in a big black ugly printed mess.

Much like if you left anything lying on a newspaper.

Photos will be added soon.

I have no idea if this transfer occurs onto the aluminium of the phone, however it certainly does if you have a shield / skin on the rear of your phone.

My advice is simply do not use this case if you have a skin on your phone.

The transferred logo did come off the rear of my phone with a lot of clean and scrapping with a fingernail however it was a mess.

I will be contacting Otterbox and will advise in due course.


For me this is one of the biggest questions I have in relation to any case. I have dedicated this post to this question so anyone else searching for the answer to this question should hopefully find it easily.

1. Will the Otter Defender for iPhone 5s work with a Zagg InvisibleShield?
– No. Watermarks are present across the entire surface of the Otterbox and thus massively affects the screen clarity and usage.

2. Will the Otter Defender for iPhone 5s work with a Best Skins Ever?
– No. Watermarks are present across the entire surface of the Otterbox and thus massively affects the screen clarity and usage.

3. Will the Otter Defender for iPhone 5s work with a Body Guardz?
– No. Watermarks are present across the entire surface of the Otterbox and thus massively affects the screen clarity and usage.

4. Will the Otter Defender for iPhone 5s work with a Matt / Privacy Screen Shield?
– Yes. No watermarking occurs. Although the clarity of the screen will decrease as does the sensitivity of the screen it will function.

In relation to the above if you have one of the other screen guards on you can apply a Matt screen protector over the top of it. It will prevent the watermarking. However the clarity and sensitivity of the screen will decrease. It does mean you can keep your invisible shield etc for when you change cases.

I will add images to highlight the above when I get my computer back.

Might even do a quick video, but don’t hold me to that.

April 2012 – Best Skins Ever Install – iPod Nano 6th Generation

Best Skins Ever

As I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of Zagg and their InvisibleShield product, however from a little experience and some reading I decided to have another go with a Best Skins Ever for my new 6G iPod Nano.

Now I already have one of these installed on my MacBook Pro and I have to say it is perfect, from memory the install then took me almost 2 hours, but it is a big beast to be covering and I wanted perfection – with a little time and effort, that’s what I got.

So why my affiliation towards Zagg when I have covered my £1980 laptop in a Best Skins Ever? The answer probably doesn’t make much sense, the Zagg cover for the MacBook Pro was around $80, the Best Skins Ever was closer to $30. The reviews on the internet said they were pretty much the same, and as my laptops rarely leave the safety of my desk I decided to save a few $$$ and go with the BSE product. After all it was more to keep the MacBook clean and sparkly as it won’t be going to far into the big bad world.

The BSE has been on the Mac for around 10 months now, and it is still exactly as it was when I put it on, perfect. And it feels smoother than the Zagg, there is no orange peel effect, it too is crystal clear, as far as the protection goes against scratches and such I can’t comment. Thats why I sway towards Zagg, I have been using Zaggs on phones and cameras for years and have had some moments that would have destroyed an unprotected screen, and thanks to the Zagg everything has remained pristine. I have sold on old tech well above the market value because of the Zagg, when removed it looks like brand, spanking new! So there we have it I KNOW Zagg protects, I don’t know that for BSE. Time to try.

In my new regime to get fit, I decided to quit smoking and start running, I already had an iPod Touch (3G) and after lugging that around for a few miles I knew I needed something more convenient, spet up please iPoad Nano. This little device is great for running as you really do forget about it and thanks to Nike+ it keeps track for everything for you, and that nice lady keeps updating you as to how you are doing, great stuff. Howver it needed some protection. The BSE was ordered and delivered to the UK for $9.49, the equivalent Zagg was coming in at $23.99, huge difference I’m sure you’ll agree, both being the full body coverage.

The BSE was ordered on a Monday, and arrived the following Monday, the same sort of timescales that I am used to with Zagg, so no real differences there.

Now this is were the differences start. The Zagg arrive in a padded Jiffy bag, with a nice manufactured box containing the shield, an applicator, a micro fibre cloth, and an instruction leaflet. The BSE arrives in a white envelope, with an invoice and the shield…

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April 2012 Review : G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad (and others up to 10″)

G-Form Extreme Sleeve

OK so first off it should be noted that I am a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping my gadgets and tech in pristine condition.  I mean after all I paid big money to have them, money that I had to work damn hard to get, and as such I want to keep my stuff looking nice and shiny.

Now I know that some people say that you shouldn’t obsess about keeping things immaculate, I have to say I don’t, I just try and buy a few things that will keep my tech new and shiny without me having to worry about them at all. Means more money back on the re-sale for the upgrade too!

So my iPad (3) then, it cost me £659.  For a little further investment I can keep it clean, scuff and scratch free and protected anywhere I go, without having to worry about it.

My iPad (3) for example has a Zagg Full body invisible shield on it, an Apple Smart Coverand a Belkin rear shield.  As far as scuffs and marks go it is pretty protected, all I needed was something to keep it safe in my bag.

Then I went to the Gadget Show Live 2012 at the Birmingham NEC, and whilst wondering around I saw a yellow iPad case.  Now yellow is my colour so I was instantly intrigued.  Then came the claims of this yellow iPad case being the home to an iPad that was dropped from 100,000 ft and survived.

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New Apple iPad (3rd Generation) Unboxing and Zagg InvisibleShield installation

New Apple ipad

I know it now a week later since the new Apple iPad got released in the UK (amongst others) but I didn’t have the time to get my little post up on release day so I thought today would be a good enough day as it is 23rd MArch 20212, and for those of us not in the first wave of releases, it is release day for the new iPad. Today the new iPad gets released in a further 23 countries so here is my experiences with the unboxing. Also works quite well as on release day I was not in possession of my Zagg invisibleShield. It actually arrived on 17/03/2012 and I got it on on the 18/03/2012. This is despite it being advertised by Expansys eBay store as being in the UK and getting dispatched 1st Class, it actually came from France, so took longer than I was prepared to wait, had I have known this another UK based seller would have got my business! Anyway thats another story.

This story begins at 05:00 hours on 16th March 2012 when I pulled myself out of bed, and drove to the nearest McDonald’s, got myself an awesome double sausage and egg McMuffin along with a hash brown and some brown nectar in the form of Coca Cola, brilliant!

Feeling a little fresher off I trundled to the Apple Store, Victoria Square Belfast, arriving at the shopping centre at about 05:40 hours I was worried that the queue would be horrific (from last year’s iPad 2 release) but to my surprise there was only around 100 people ahead of me. By the time the store opened there would have been 200 – 300 people in the queue so I was happy enough with the timing.

In and went and out I came £658 lighter in the pocket, having picked up a iPad 64Gb wifi along with AppleTV (see previous post) and home I went, where I waited on the postman, with the iPad still in its little box, still untouched by a human hand, and there it would remain until 18th March 2012! Gutted, and all no thanks to Expansys! Not impressed!

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