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Review : Tech21 Impact Clear Rear Case for Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Disclosure : I purchased this case direct from the Apple Store for £59.95 (GBP), the review is my own as are my thoughts on the product.  With that said let me say I am a huge fan of Tech21 and

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iOS 9.1 now available – Activates Apple News App for the UK

If you live in the UK, are an Apple user and have updated your gear to iOS9 you have probably been left wondering where on Earth is this news app I heard all about? Apple released it to the US

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Add iCloud Drive to your Home Screen on iOS9

Putting iCloud Drive on your Home Screen iOS 9

If you use iOS9 and iCloud, it is really easy to have the icon for your iCloud Drive pop up on your home screen, just follow these simple steps and enjoy some easy App convenience.  Open Settings on your iPhone.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force Shadow UnBoxing

I have never been one for earphones whilst gaming, however the guys that are say that there is simply no comparison to gaming with a decent set of ‘cans’ as opposed to a television speaker set up or a basic

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Flipboard : Your Social news Magazine Updated to v2.0

Flopboard, everyone’s favourite iOS App has been updated to version 2.0 and along with the nice new version number we get an impressive list of new features. If you don’t know what Flipboard is you need a good shake but

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2013 : Apple Rumours Already?

Today is only the first day back to work for the majority of the world after the Christmas break. Even so, having been doing a little bit of light browsing on the net the rumour mill is already going mental

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HOW TO : Moving iPhone / iPad / iPod Backups to an external drive

If Santa has just brought you a nice new shiny SSD or you are running out of space on your HDD / SSD and are disgusted by how much space is actually used on backups of your iDevices you need

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iPhone ‘5s’ getting ready for an early launch?

The internet rumour mill is now rife with chatter that the ‘iPhone 5s’ is getting ready for release!  The iPhone 5 is still like gold dust in many stores, so is it likely that an 5s will be in development

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Apple iPad Mini…Has arrived.

Today is the day Apple bring out their small tablet onto the market, and I want one! But do I? This is the problem you see, I have a ‘New iPad’ which is also getting binned today for an ‘iPad

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