2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Race Day Results & Timings (Saturday 5th May 2018)

Here are all the times, all the splits, all the categories and all the results from the 2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Race Day.

A full gallery of images from the day’s action is still to follow, but honestly it was a glorious day with what can only be described as an epic Tandragee 100 Feature Race. I won’t spoil the result – just keep scrolling to see it, but know this, we got a new lap record from the winner at 2:55:11s!

For a gallery of the action and racers from race day (05/05/2018) click here : http://tbni.blog/2018/05/23/2018-tandragee-100-race-day-gallery-05-05-2018/

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2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Qualifying / Practice Results & Timings (Friday 4th May 2018)

Here are all the timings for every class and every competitor from the Practice Sessions held on Friday 4th May 2018.

Here’s to a great and more importantly safe race day tomorrow…

2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 2018

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Enniskillen 100 Set for a return in 2018

The rumour mill is in full swing that 2018 will see the return of the Enniskillen 100. No dates are available as yet but rest assured that when more news becomes available we will let you all know.

The official club website can be found at : http://enniskillen100revival.com

After too much news last year focusing on clubs that couldn’t survive or were really struggling to it is great to have the potential to be adding another event to the road Racing Calendar!


The Enniskillen 100 Road Race was last run on 20 August 1952. Any Funds raised by Enniskillen and District Motorcycle Club Ltd. will contribute to the potential Revival of the Enniskillen 100. Steps are being taken to assess the feasability of this project – watch this space for updates. **We are currently seeking a suitable Circuit** suggestions welcome.

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Killalane 2017 – Carole Nash East Coast Racing Festival – 9 & 10th September 2017 : Results

Killalane 2017 – Carole Nash East Coast Racing Festival – 9 & 10th September 2017 : Results

Sunday 10th September 2017 : Race Day for the first ever East Coast Racing Festival and we have all the results right here for you before the tents are even folded away.

Unfortunately some grim rain and winds brought an early end to proceedings, but we got seven races completed and a great days racing.  Looking forward to next year…

Read on for the Results :

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RoadRacingLive.co.uk Twitter Feed Cancelled
RoadRacingLive.co.uk Twitter Feed Cancelled



This project has been cancelled – with no expected renewed start date.

The only twitter account linked to this blog will be @TomBoyNI

The reason for this is mainly time constraints.

Whilst at the races I am too focused on photography (and enjoying the event – without having my head stuck in a phone).  When this gets coupled with Marshaling I simply do not have the time to keep the information flowing in such a way that ensures accuracy and consistency through every meeting. 

When I consider the information flow already out there, such as live streaming, live radio, online coverage and other exceptional twitter feeds – both independent and the official event feeds – I do not see the need for another account tweeting the same information fighting for a share of an already packed medium.

I will be retaining the RoadRacingLive.co.uk domain and it will continue to point to this blog.

I will also continue to keep the results flowing, which will be updated at the conclusion of the session / event.  Details will be posted here and notified through Twitter and Facebook

I am not done with Twitter either –  the @TomBoyNI account will live tweet from events, but will not be dedicated to blow by blow coverage.  It will also tweet about everything else, so definitely worth a follow even if I do say so myself.

If you were one of my followers thank you for your support and please feel free to follow @TomBoyNI

There’s no secret – an awful lot of this site is focused on motorcycling and road racing. Especially during the racing season.

For this reason @RoadRacingLive has been born. This will be the tbni.blog dedicated Twitter feed for all things Motorcycle Road Racing related.

It will be coming just in time for the 2018 season so Follow it now and be sure not to miss a thing!

The RoadRacingLive.co.uk address will simply continue to link to the main blog.


2017 MCE Insurance Ulster Grand Prix : Saturday Race Session Results and Timings

When the Roads Close : Ulster Grand Prix and Dundrod 150 Road Races

For full and detailed qualifying times check out :

Wednesday 9th August 2017 Practice and Qualifying Sessions :


Thursday 10th August 2017 Practice and Qualifying Sessions :


Thos previous 2 days of qualifying have brought us to the 2017 Ulster Grand Prix Saturday Race Day and here’s how that panned out.

The schedule was as follows :

Ulster Grand Prix Race Schedule 2017
Ulster Grand Prix Race Schedule 2017

It really was an epic day’s racing the highlights for me were two fold.  Firstly – Bruce Anstey taking a Superbike win and secondly – Davy Morgan taking the lightweight win on his 250 Honda!  Epic.   Make sure to check out my galleries from every qualifying session and each race!  Lat year I was disappointed in the Ulster Grand Prix for many reasons, however that is all in the past, the 2017 UGP Saturday Race Day was – simply – outstanding.

Bruce Anstey wanted his overlap record back and he got it with a 3.18:249 lap – that’s an average speed of 134.396 mph.  However that record only sttod for a lap then Dean Harrison came in with a blingingly quick 134.614 mph lap that took 3.17:928 minutes complete and also took the overall lap record.

Another absolutely noteworthy rider is Peter Hickman – his first outing on the roads and already a Superbike win (and a couple of others) already under his belt

Check out my Facebook Page for a few videos – every race is featured :


But without further ado here are the results for each race :

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Dan Kneen to join Tyco BMW for the 2017 Ulster Grand Prix

Read the Tyco BMW Press Release here :


Tyco BMW have announced that Manx rider Dan Kneen will ride for them at the 2017 MCE Ulster Grand Prix.

With Ian Hutchinson out of contention for the Dundrod meeting due to the injuries he sustained at the Isle of Man TT, former MCE Ulster GP winner Kneen is set to be the team’s only rider at the final international road race of the year.

30-year-old Manxman Dan had his most successful TT campaign to date this year, securing both his fastest lap and a debut podium in the Superstock race behind Ian Hutchinson and Peter Hickman.

He comes to Dundrod with an impressive Southern 100 performance under his belt too, narrowly missing out on glory in the senior race to Michael Dunlop, who crossed the finish line just 0.12 seconds in front of Kneen.

Dan Kneen said: “First of all, it’s nice to be asked to ride for Tyco BMW. Obviously, the opportunity has come up, due to Hutchy’s injury, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best with his recovery.

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2017 Armoy Road Races – Race of Legends : Special Awards 2017

Full list of awards and their recipients from the 2017 Armoy Road Racing Event :

Armoy Special Awards 2017 :Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club

Man of the Meeting :

  • Sponsored by PMA Contracts
  • Derek McGee

Support Man of the Meeting :

  • Wayne Hamilton Memorial Trophy
  • Joseph Loughlin

Saltire Shield :

  • First placed 400cc Supersport in Junior Support
  • Tam Nicholl

Darren Murphy Memorial Cup :

  • Highest placed newcomer in Junior Support
  • Joseph Loughlin

Robbo’s Cup :

  • Fastest 2-stroke lap in lightweight 125cc
  • Adam McLean

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Honda Confirm Cause of McGuiness 2017 North West 200 Crash

Honda Racing

The 2017 North West 200 was the start of the end for Honda’s Road Racing Season this year.

Things hadn’t got off to a great start anyway even after the announcement of what has to be described as a dream team of John MCGuinness and Guy Martin.  Guy crashed out of Tandragee and had a mediocre Cookstown event, however whether Honda wanted to admit it or not there was clearly an issue come the North West.

Every road racing fan knows John McGuinness just doesn’t fall off and it didn’t take long until the rumours started flowing that there was an issue with the bike and something to do with the throttle and that is what had thrown John off the bike.

Now two and a half months later, those rumours have been confirmed.

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