Faugheen 50 : Sunday 23rd July 2017 Race Results & Timings

2017 Faugheen 50

The Sunday Race Schedule for the 2017 Faugheen 50 is certainly a full one :

2017 Faugheen 50 Sunday Race Schedule
2017 Faugheen 50 Sunday Race Schedule

And here is how the days events panned out :

Click ‘Read More’ for all the results of every race including the break down by class, but if you can’t wait that long then the top three of the Grand Final (the winner being almost 16 seconds ahead of the second placed rider and over a full 24 seconds ahead of 4th place) were…

No sorry I can’t do it, there are no spoilers here… Read on for the full results and timing breakdowns :

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2017 Skerries 100 Results – 01/07/2017

Unfortunately I never made it to the 2017 Skerries 100, however that shouldnt stop you getting all the results… and it wont!

The event was dominated by Derek Shiels’ Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki with a hat trick of big bike wins.  Derek McGee’s performance can’t be over looked either with a further three wins added to his tally and the seven laps of 2.9 miles Grand Final (on it’s second attempt, the first being halted by a red flag due to rain) went something like this :

Shiels started in pole and surged off to an impressive lead winning overall by 10 seconds, second place went to Derek McGee, followed by Michael Sweeney.  Newcomer Davey Todd was fourth, Davy Morgan fifth and Graham Kennedy in sixth.

Derek Shiels at the 2017 Skerries 100 on the Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki
Derek Shiels at the 2017 Skerries 100 on the Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki

Full 2017 Skerries Results :

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2017 Cookstown 100 : Results

After last weeks soaking I had been keeping an constant eye on the weather forecast for Cookstown and the Cookstown 100 Races. 

It changed every day! Sunny, wet, overcast, wet, sunny but cold… it just changed every time I looked it up!
By this morning the forecast was dry but overcast and then some rain round about 1pm that should blow over pretty quickly. 

With that in mind I figured the trip would be worth it and I ventured towards my first ever Cookstown 100. 

It wasn’t far wrong…

2017 Cookstown 100 Weather
2017 Cookstown 100 Weather

As I said above this was my first Cookstown 100 and it is instantly one of my favourite race meetings. 

Maybe I was just lucky but the spot I managed to find was outstanding. The bikes were close, fast and spent most of the time I seen them either on the back wheel or in the air. It was truly amazing and has instantly made me a huge fan of this event! The effort these guys were putting in was breath taking. 

The event had many red flags, pretty much a red flag for every race – bar the 125 / Moto 3 race and the Classics. Thankfully there were no reports of any serious injuries. More than that, even with so many incidents to deal with the organisers still managed to get the full program raced – leading to a great day for the riders and spectators alike. 

I haven’t had a look through my camera yet but I think I managed some awesome photos so a full gallery will follow shortly but in the meantime here’s what you came here for…  

The 2017 Cookstown 100 Results :

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2017 Tandragee 100 : Results

Support the Sport - Buy a Program!

Well today unfortunately the weather forecasts could not have been more wrong. For at least the last week the forecast was overcast, but dry. That was wrong it was overcast and wet

The day did start off dry and we got a couple of races before the mizzle started. The problem is it never stopped and as the day went on, it got harder right up to the point where there were reports coming in (via Twitter) of standing water on sections of the course. 

This was the forecast for the hour following the Senior Support Race : 

2017 Tandragee 100 Weather
2017 Tandragee 100 Weather

The deteriorating weather conditions and a race incident (no further details known at this stage) – just at the end of the Senior Support Race brought the days events to an end – before we could have a SuperSports race and the days feature race – The Tandragee 100.

Most importantly I wish a speedy recovery to the rider involved in the Race Incident. 

The Results of the days completed races are as follows :

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Irish Road Racing ‘in Danger of disappearing for good’ – a stark warning from Team Owner…

Read the full article here : http://www.newsletter.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/irish-road-racing-in-danger-of-disappearing-for-good-1-7813238

Respected team owner John Burrows says he fears the unique spectacle of Irish road racing could disappear for good unless swift action is taken to safeguard the future of the sport.

As exclusively revealed by the News Letter in January, the cost of providing insurance cover for National road races in 2017 has risen by as much as £4,500. Clubs are also facing potentially crippling excess payments, which have soared from £1,000 per claim in 2016 to £2,500 this year.

In the past week, two popular races in the Republic of Ireland – the Killalane and Kells events in North Dublin and Co Meath respectively – have been called off as a direct result of spiralling insurance premiums.

Only three races are due to go ahead in the South, including the famous Skerries 100 (July 1), Walderstown (July 9) and the Faugheen 50 meeting on July 23.

Read more at: http://www.newsletter.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/irish-road-racing-in-danger-of-disappearing-for-good-1-7813238

It was only yesterday that I posted about this problem, and I mentioned the need for us all to support our local clubs, and buy programs when we go to the events.  We really need to make sure we safeguard the future of this unique sport for many more generations to come!

2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs
2017 Killalane Road Races Cancelled Due to Soaring Insurance Costs