Back from a Summer Break…So Here’s some Kaley Cuoco on a Summer Break!

Firstly I would like to apologise to everyone for my extended silence but I simply took a little summer break.  Thanks to everyone who contacted me during this break with queries, questions or just to say hello.  But I am back now and have come back with some great stuff to get posted up.

I will start of with my apology gift to you all – a small but awesome gallery of The Big Bang’s Penny – Kaley Cuoco on the beach!  What a way to spend a 4th July 2014.  This alone would be a great reason to be American, have the 4th July as a holiday and to go to the beach!


 photo F1DB398B-BEBD-4CC9-802E-28BA0C714638_zpsvtk8xd7i.jpg photo 6353D221-F069-4FA7-8D73-005A70F3C2BB_zpshfndtsaf.jpg photo 2E1E0C63-43A9-4B67-B842-1816A3453F13_zpswu7uozc8.jpg

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Hello world!

Well this is the first post, so to be fair you can’t really expect much from it.  It is a hello, an introduction, a chance for me to tell you readers, bloggers, browsers, and search engines what you can expect from this little blog.  There is one simple answer to that, you can expect nothing.  Take nothing for granted, and don’t take it too seriously, I’m not.

I have decided that this blog will be serious, political, funny, sports orientated, car orientated, stupid, tech orientated, and random.

Take from that what you will, or take nothing from it.  But bookmark it, shit who knows you might like it!  (And if you don’t, bookmarks are easily deleted – don’t worry it won’t offend me, but I can always use your IP to track you down and stick the bookmark back up your ar….. – j/.k).

Here have a background
Here have a new background, I'm pretty sure it is better than the one you have now!

So there you have, that’s post one out of the way and I have went for the random side of things, and to sweeten the deal and make sure you click that bookmark button look up ^^  Yep that’s a background for you, from me!  It’s a good desktop, that will make sitting in front of your PC / Mac a little easier.  So ‘no problem, you’re welcome and see ya later!’