UPDATE : SNES Classic Officially Announced with Release Date…

As if by magic, mere hours after I mentioned it right here on tbni.blog the official announcement has come…

My predicition of the Mini SNES - mere hours before Nintendo announced the SNES Classic
My predicition of the Mini SNES – mere hours before Nintendo announced the SNES Classic
The Classic SNES is coming on 29th September 2017 and will be priced at $79.99 / £79.99 (although Smyths Toys currently have preorders listed at £69.99.)

You are going to have to be quick though Amazon have stopped preorders, ShopTo have it marked as ‘Sold Out’ and Game is just crashing. This is going to be another Mini NES scenario and the popularity of it is fuelling this SNES even more!  eBay already has listings for £180 and eBay.com has preorders listed at $299!  Keep an eye on places like Tesco, Asda etc who will probably start their preorders over the next day or so so in the quick so you won’t have to rely on eBay and Gumtree scalpels!

Classic SNES Coming 29th September 2017
Classic SNES Coming 29th September 2017

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Coming Soon – The Lego Simpsons – Mini Figures and the Simpsons House!

This morning saw the release of the first series (maybe the only series) of the Simpsons Mini Figures from Lego!  And I am happy to say I have the complete set.  I am also pretty chuffed about another recent Lego purchase namely the Simpsons House.  I will get some pics up shortly, but in the meantime here is the official ‘photoshop’ to feat your eyes upon!

If you are interested in purchasing a complete set – I have two (complete sets) remaining please Contact Me or use the Contact Page above.

Lego Simposns Minifigures
Lego Simposns Minifigures

Tar and Traffic Film Removal

As a driver of a white car I am unfortunately plagued by Tar Spots and Road and Traffic Film on my paintwork.

The product that I use and thoroughly recommend is ‘Holts – Tar and General Spot Remover.’ It costs about £5 and the results are excellent. However it is a little messy and reasonably time consuming. In basic terms I use it as follows :

1. Pre wash with the power hose.
2. Snow Foam.
3. 2 Bucket Wash.
4. Holts Tar and Spot Remover.
5. Power hose wash and rinse.
6. Another 2 Bucket wash (just to remove any remaining Holts – it is a bit messy).
7. Polish…Wax…Sealant etc…

Holts is really easy to use, simply spray it on the spots, you will notice they almost instantly get darker, wait about 3 minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth. Then give the car a quick clean and at the very least a good coat of polish to protect your newly gleaming paintwork!

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2013 : Apple Rumours Already?


Today is only the first day back to work for the majority of the world after the Christmas break.

Even so, having been doing a little bit of light browsing on the net the rumour mill is already going mental with predictions of what Apple will be throwing out to us this year.

To save you the trouble of checking out all these rumours at such an early stage here is the summary.

Lets see how many of them turn true over the next 12 months.

1. iPad Mini with retina display (99% likely).
2. iPhone 5s (40% likely).
3. iPhone 6 (59% likely).
4. Coloured next gen iPhones (65% likely).
5. iOS7 (99% likely).
6. iPad 5 (99% likely).
7. Some AppleTV upgrade. Most likely a huge upgrade.
8. A6 processor. (99% likely. Also 99% likely that Samsung won’t be making it).
9. Different iPhone screen sizes. (10% likely).

Hopefully this little list will quench your thirst for rumours. I’m interested in watching how they develop.

iPhone ‘5s’ getting ready for an early launch?

iPhone 5s on route?
iPhone 5s on route?

The internet rumour mill is now rife with chatter that the ‘iPhone 5s’ is getting ready for release!  The iPhone 5 is still like gold dust in many stores, so is it likely that an 5s will be in development and ready for testing so soon?

After the ‘new iPad’, and then the ‘iPad with Retina Display’ I think it is more than possible in fact I’d go as far as saying likely!

This extract pulled from the web pretty much says it all…

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Apple iPad Mini…Has arrived.

Today is the day Apple bring out their small tablet onto the market, and I want one!

But do I?

This is the problem you see, I have a ‘New iPad’ which is also getting binned today for an ‘iPad with Retina Display’ (which mine has anyway) but hoo ha, can I justify an iPad mini.

Yes it would be nice to have, but with the Nexus 7 on the market, currently at £199 for a 32Gb model, and a Blackberry Playbook 64Gb sitting at £129 it is a big decision for what will ultimately be a pocket browser, but then surely my iPhone 5 handles that?

The market is flooded and tech heads like me are funding it!

Time to go and do some research, in Apples favour all my apps will work and it will just slide on nicely with everything else, in Nexus favour I want to give android a go and in Blackberry’s favour I could buy 2 and have 8 (EIGHT!!) times the amount of storage!


iPad - iPad Mini - Nexus
iPad – iPad Mini – Nexus – Who Will It Be?