Torr Head, Torr Road, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

The Causeway Coastal Route, in Northern Ireland currently sits at Number 3 in the Top Ten Driving Roads in the world!  That is amazing, and it has been in the top ten consistently for the last 10 years!

It runs from Belfast to Portrush and takes a good couple of hours to complete, or many more hours if you decide to check out the numerous scenic points and forest drives along the way.  It truly is stunning and on a bright, sunny day it is simply outstanding.  If you ever have the privilege of visiting Northern Ireland the ‘Coast Road’ is an absolute must.

However as you travel along it you will come across a sign post for Torr Head Scenic Route, this is one of many brown ‘Tourist’ Signs dotted along the Causeway Route, and it can be hard to decide which ones to go for and even harder – which ones to miss.

Torr Head Scenic View Point, Ballycastle
Torr Head Scenic View Point, Ballycastle

This is one you can not miss.  This is one of my favourite roads in the country and although I love the Causeway Route I often drive it just to get to the Torr Road.  The views here are breathtaking as you weave up and down the mountains before arriving at Torr Head View point.  An old abandoned Coast guard post remains, and when the weather is good you can clearly see Scotland, which sits a mere 12 miles in front of you.  It is a nice climb to see the Coast Guards’ Station but truthfully it is all about this road, it is like something in the movies, honestly, drive it, you will not be disappointed!

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