2018 Enniskillen 100 : Results (30/06/2018)

2018 Enniskillen 100
2018 Enniskillen 100

After a 66 year absence road racing returned this weekend to Enniskillen, in the form of the relaunched and revitalised Enniskillen 100.  Further to that it is extremely pleasing to be able to report that everything about the event was positive.

No red flags, no injuries, a full and comprehensive race scehule (along with a packed Practice and Qualifying Session on 29/06/2018).

Couple all the above with a record equalling 5 race wins in a day for Derek McGee (and it could have been six, as he had entered six races but due to the five races in a day rule had to withdraw from one.)

The result was an epic days racing, and don’t forget the weather – we can do nothing about it but when it is with us it hard to beat.  At 29.4 degrees Celsius it was an absolute scorcher with wall to wall sunshine from well before the race started until it set for the evening.

Hopefully next year the meeting will have Championship status and will tempt in an even larger field of competitors.  Which is only a good thing for the greatest sport on the planet!

2018 Enniskillen 100 Course Map

Check out the results of the 2018 Enniskillen 100 below :

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2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Race Day Results & Timings (Saturday 5th May 2018)

Here are all the times, all the splits, all the categories and all the results from the 2018 Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Race Day.

A full gallery of images from the day’s action is still to follow, but honestly it was a glorious day with what can only be described as an epic Tandragee 100 Feature Race. I won’t spoil the result – just keep scrolling to see it, but know this, we got a new lap record from the winner at 2:55:11s!

For a gallery of the action and racers from race day (05/05/2018) click here : http://tbni.blog/2018/05/23/2018-tandragee-100-race-day-gallery-05-05-2018/

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2017 North West 200 : Race & Practice Schedule

Race week is fast approaching and here are all the details you need to catch all the action…

Tuesday 9th May


9.15am – 3.00pm

Thursday 11th May


9.15am – 3.00pm

Thursday 11th May

Evening Racing

5.00pm – 9.00pm

Saturday 13th May

Race Day

9.15am – 7.00pm

2017 NW200 Coverage
2017 NW200 Coverage

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2017 Cookstown 100 : Results

After last weeks soaking I had been keeping an constant eye on the weather forecast for Cookstown and the Cookstown 100 Races. 

It changed every day! Sunny, wet, overcast, wet, sunny but cold… it just changed every time I looked it up!
By this morning the forecast was dry but overcast and then some rain round about 1pm that should blow over pretty quickly. 

With that in mind I figured the trip would be worth it and I ventured towards my first ever Cookstown 100. 

It wasn’t far wrong…

2017 Cookstown 100 Weather
2017 Cookstown 100 Weather

As I said above this was my first Cookstown 100 and it is instantly one of my favourite race meetings. 

Maybe I was just lucky but the spot I managed to find was outstanding. The bikes were close, fast and spent most of the time I seen them either on the back wheel or in the air. It was truly amazing and has instantly made me a huge fan of this event! The effort these guys were putting in was breath taking. 

The event had many red flags, pretty much a red flag for every race – bar the 125 / Moto 3 race and the Classics. Thankfully there were no reports of any serious injuries. More than that, even with so many incidents to deal with the organisers still managed to get the full program raced – leading to a great day for the riders and spectators alike. 

I haven’t had a look through my camera yet but I think I managed some awesome photos so a full gallery will follow shortly but in the meantime here’s what you came here for…  

The 2017 Cookstown 100 Results :

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Guy Martin Crashes Out of 2017 Tandragee 100 Superbike Race – No Injuries. 

Guy Martin’s return to the road racing scene took an early spill at the 2017 Tandragee 100 when his Honda collided with that of fellow racer, Paul Jordan, at Marlacoo Corner, on the opening lap of the Superbike Race. 

Most importantly neither rider was hurt and as the photographs show it turned into probably the most amicable spill ever with the two guys sitting up, having a chat and a cup of tea. 

Paul Jordan even found the light hearted side of the crash a short time later on his Twitter Feed. 

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Road Racing Calendar Now Available


TBNI.co.uk is now proud to announce that our Road Racing Calendar will continue for the 2018 Irish and Northern Irish Road Racing Season.  Our iCal Calendar is now available and open to subscription!

The 2018 Events are already getting added!

Simply Click here and you will be offered to Subscribe to the TBNI Road Racing Calendar :

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