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Apple Release Removal Tool for U2 : Songs of Innocence Freebie

Along with the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last Tuesday (09/09/2014) Apple finished their Keynote Speech with a performance from U2, probably one of the biggest groups in the world ever. Then they announced that the

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An Open Letter to the Company That Complained About Me – You Know Who You Are!

Yesterday I received an email from a Company whose product I had reviewed on this blog. A favourable review may I add, not only a favourable review but a photo gallery dedicated to the product and even a few videos

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Tar and Traffic Film Removal

As a driver of a white car I am unfortunately plagued by Tar Spots and Road and Traffic Film on my paintwork. The product that I use and thoroughly recommend is ‘Holts – Tar and General Spot Remover.’ It costs

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