Casio SGW-300H-1AVER Unboxing

Casio SGW-300H-1Aver

G-Shocks are my thing, they are indestructible, well almost, and I like things like that, just look at my choices of phone cases, iPad covers and so on, however I seen this little Casio (non G) on a forum, brand new as an unwanted gift, and at a great price, pretty much half the RRP. It was too good to let go, especially as it had the Altimeter / Barometer/ Thermometer sensor as featured on the G-Shock I currently have my eye on. I saw this as a good opportunity to evaluate this feature at a fraction of the price. If it is good, G-Shock gets bought, if not at least I know and my eye can wander at another!

The first thing I noticed is how so different this watch feels from my G’s. It feels light and flimsy, the strap feels as if it may actually break, it has a big face (50mm) but it feels light. The clasp looks small, the buckle is small and looks weak. Then I realised it’s not going to break, it is not delicate, it is just not a G. This is what normal watches feel like. I’m jsut used to wearing a tank commanders watch on my arm.

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