2018 Skerries 100 Results


After the tragic death of William Dunlop on Saturday 7th July 2018 the 2018 Skerries 100 was a very somber, respectful and reflective meeting : 


Issued  21:30pm on 7th July 2018.

“Following discussion with the family, their sponsors and fellow riders, the Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club Ltd have taken the decision to continue with the Skerries 100 on the8th July.   The club with the riders permission have decide to race with the entire prize fund to go to William’s Family.  It will be a non-championship meeting and the club hope everyone will consider this a fitting tribute to William and his previous race performance and results at the Skerries 100

The Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club extends their heartfelt sympathy to William Dunlop’s family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this very sad time.”

Susan Plunkett, Clerk of Course of the Loughshinny Motor Cycle Supporters Club Ltd.


Issued  8pm on 8th July 2018.

Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club Ltd as planned, continued their Skerries 100 event today 8th July 2018.

“With the blessing of our racing family and support from all our officials and marshals, the riders took to the grid to complete the demanding 10 race programme, in fine good sunny weather.  The spectators were treated to some superb racing from our incredibly talented riders with only one rider in mind, William Dunlop, a fitting tribute to their fellow fallen rider.   This non-championship races were held on the 2.92 mile circuit, and catered for all classes from 125cc up to Superbikes 1000cc.   

The Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club extends their heartfelt sympathy to William Dunlop’s family and friends and we are continuing to support them over this very difficult time and the club would ask that the privacy of the family be respected at this time. “

Susan Plunkett, Clerk of Course of the Loughshinny Motor Cycle Supporters Club Ltd

William Dunlop
William Dunlop

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Rest in Peace – William Dunlop, ride free.

William Dunlop

A truly sad post to have to add to this website, one that has taken me a couple of days to actually even post up.  

I mean no disrespect to any of the ‘statements’ I have posted before.  Every rider at every event has my absolute respect.  Every rider puts their life on line, every race, and I tilt my cap to every one of them.  I hate posting ‘statements’ on this site because behind each one is a family devastated, friends gone, team mates gone, heroes gone.

And the latter on this occasion is one such hero of mine.  I am sure we all have our favourites, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Every rider and racer has our respect – without doubt or compromise, some though become our favourites, our heroes.  William was one such rider for me.

True skill, true humility, true humanity, a pleasure to watch and I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to watch him race for so many years.

Unfortunately Saturday 7th July 2018 was the last time William would grace the roads.

William Dunlop – thank you for everything.  Thank you.  Your legacy will live on, a small consolation I know, rest easy in the knowledge that you will be missed.

I personally would like to pass on my most sincere condolences to your family, partner, friends, team mates and also to everyone from the road racing community who are now at such a loss.  You are a loss, you will be missed.  Ride free.


2017 Skerries 100 Results – 01/07/2017

Unfortunately I never made it to the 2017 Skerries 100, however that shouldnt stop you getting all the results… and it wont!

The event was dominated by Derek Shiels’ Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki with a hat trick of big bike wins.  Derek McGee’s performance can’t be over looked either with a further three wins added to his tally and the seven laps of 2.9 miles Grand Final (on it’s second attempt, the first being halted by a red flag due to rain) went something like this :

Shiels started in pole and surged off to an impressive lead winning overall by 10 seconds, second place went to Derek McGee, followed by Michael Sweeney.  Newcomer Davey Todd was fourth, Davy Morgan fifth and Graham Kennedy in sixth.

Derek Shiels at the 2017 Skerries 100 on the Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki
Derek Shiels at the 2017 Skerries 100 on the Cookstown Burrows Engineering Suzuki

Full 2017 Skerries Results :

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NI motorcycle doctor John Hinds dies in Dublin accident

It it with great sadness that I post these two articles, one from BBC News and another from the Ballymena Times.  The BBC News article posts the news side of events, the Ballymena Times Article is much more personal, and written by one of the Doctor’s friends in a way that only someone who knew him would be able to do.

It is enough for me to say that this is a tragic incident that has rocked the motorcycling and Road Racing Communities.  My thought and prayers are with the Doctor’s family and friends.  He save many lives, and impacted on many more.  As is said far too often, ‘It’s always the good ones!’

Please have a look at this petition, it was Dr John’s ambition to see this a reality so very signature helps!


Roy Adams’ tribute to ‘Flying Doctor’ John Hinds
Roy Adams’ tribute to ‘Flying Doctor’ John Hinds

Dr John Hinds in action at Fenton’s Leap during the 2013 Mid Antrim 150 at Clough. Picture: Stephen Davison (Pacemaker).

Roy Adams’ tribute to ‘Flying Doctor’ John Hinds (Original Article can be found at : http://www.ballymenatimes.com/sport/local-sport/roy-adams-tribute-to-flying-doctor-john-hinds-1-6835699)

I never, in a million years, thought I would have to write this.

As we all know now, Dr. John Hinds, part of the MCUI Medical team, died as a result of a crash at Skerries last weekend.

In a sport where the term ‘legend’ can be defined by the fact that you are recognised by your first name, we have Joey, Robert, William, Michael and, in the same breath, Dr John.

Dr John, whose day job was an anaesthetist in Craigavon Hospital, was recognised at one of the best trauma doctors in the world.

Just a couple of weeks ago I saw him work with Ian Morrell after his crash at Kells.

When he arrived at the scene he asked me how many riders were down. I said ‘Just one. Ian Morrell’. I told him what I had seen. He simply said ‘Good man. Thanks.’

He worked for almost 45 minutes before transferring Ian to a helicopter. Ian is alive now because of that.

What John Hinds did for bike racing can never be overstated.

A few years ago I undertook a solo run round Ireland on my bike to help the MCUI Medical Team.

I was in touch with both Dr Fred McSorley and Dr John a number of times before it and he called me the morning I left to wish me all the best. The call was at 6.00am. He never stopped.

When I crashed myself at Bishopscourt a couple of years ago, I had an ankle and some ribs broken. Just seeing Dr John put me at ease. I knew how good he was.

There are literally dozens of riders who are alive today because of his intervention. He helped to pioneer treatment on scene, and this is, as we know now, often the difference in a fatality or a recovery.

What John Hinds and the rest of the Medical Team have done for bike racing is impossible to quantify.

Doc John was, more recently, growing concerned that Northern Ireland had no medical helicopter service and indeed he had already began to campaign for one to be established, after the time it took to bring one from Sligo to the North West circuit this year. He had already had meetings with various government officials about this.

John, who was just 35 and wasn’t married, had a longtime partner in Janet, who works at Daisy Hill hospital.

I can’t even begin to understand what his family are going through now. I am totally gutted by the news that John had passed away.

I’m sorry, but the ‘died doing what he loved’ notion isn’t enough. Dr John had so much more to give and I have no doubt would have gone on to be a world teacher.

John’s mentor, Dr Fred McSorley had to come out retirement at the weekend to stand in for John.

We can only imagine how hard that must have been for him, but we are thankful that he did.

To Dr John’s family and Dr Fred, Caroline and the rest of the Medical team, I’m so sad, but hoping you can find the strength it takes to carry on in his name.

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