Has Guy Martin Finished with Honda?

Guy Martin looking focused on the 2017 Honda Fireblade - Practice Session 30th May 2017 - Isle of Man TT Races
Guy Martin looking focused on the 2017 Honda Fireblade – Practice Session 30th May 2017 – Isle of Man TT Races

This is being reported across all main road racing networks today…

Reports indicate that Guy Martin and marque Honda will not contest Armoy or the Ulster Grand Prix; an inauspicious and anticlimactic end to a very arduous season in 2017.

After so many years of success, Honda has endured, along with its riders, a highly tumultuous year already and one wonders how they will come back from the apparent brink.

Sad end to the year for Guy and for Honda if this is the case.

To be brutally honest after the 2017 Honda has found itself nursing I can’t fault any outcome like this, whether it is Guy Martin finishing with Honda, or vice versa, or Honda pulling out of these events of its own volition I think the final outcome is the right one.

What I do hope is that their R&D Teams get any remaining bugs ironed out and make a great comeback in 2018.  I would be really surprised to see them fielding a team with a diferent rider(s) this season.

What I also hope is that this doesn’t end Guy Martin with road racing, the simple facts are, Guy is quick and skilled, you don’t get into the 132mph TT Club by accident or happy chance.  He is popular and this fame brings people (and money) to these events.  No doubt it helps with the following, contraversial maybe?  True definitely.  And finally I think he has unfinished buisness – he wants that TT win, and to be honest I want him to get it.  Maybe Wilson Craig Racing could see him on a bike to see out the season, who knows?

Anyway here’s to fast and sucessful return to Road Racing, in the very near future to Honda Racing and Guy Martin.

Dakar – Initial Plans – Strike Whilst the Iron is hot.


The 2014 Dakar is now starting Day 3 and if you haven’t been following there is still loads of time to catch up. Eurosport UK is showing daily updates at 2230 and 0000 with the show being repeated throughout the day across the Eurosport channels.

Anyway this is one of the most awesome Rallies in the world. It is exciting to watch and with bikes, quads, cars and trucks there is something for everyone.

I have decided I want to complete the Dakar, a huge task I know, so I am going to start by saying I want to enter the Dakar!

Obviously this is not a case of I want to enter the Dakar tomorrow. However it is definitely part of the plan.

So here is the thing, if you want to be involved I will be needing Sponsors, teamsters, mechanics and everything to make ‘Team TBNI’ successful. A huge ask I know but if you are interested in being part of the first internet based Dakar Team get in touch.

Oh and BMW, KTM, RED BULL or MONSTER if you are watching I want you!

Olympic Games 2012 : London – The XXX Olympiad! Let the Games Begin!

Let the games begin!

After a tremendous opening ceremony last night I just thought I would say ‘Happy Olympic Games Everyone,’ good luck to all the competitors from every nation, good luck to all their families, friends, teams and coaches. Everyone deserves to come home with gold, however that can’t happen, so remember this you have made it! Well done and have fun.

Oh and Come On Team GB, especially everyone competing from Northern Ireland!

And finally if I get any good tips or value bets I’ll let you know, and before I forget, damn isn’t Jessica Ennis hot as hell!

Jessica Ennis - Look what Team GB have!
Jessica Ennis – Look what Team GB have!