TomBoyNI 2017 Isle of Man TT Statistics 

TomBoyNI does Twitter for the 2017 TT Races
TomBoyNI does Twitter for the 2017 TT Races


If you are interested in this sort of thing (which I am) I found my twitter stats pretty awesome for the 2017 TT Races.

I covered the fortnight, practice week and race week – live and had great fun doing so.

Then I had a look at the analytics for the fortnight and was pretty shocked.

I found the following :

@TomBoyNI had 57,408 Organic Impressions for the TT Race fortnight.

24,941 were for Senior TT Coverage!  That’s just one race!

1402 Unique Hits from the UK and Isle of Man for the Senior Race Coverage!

So if you followed me during the Races or Practice, thank you. If not make sure you do so next time. I’ll be doing my best to keep you all up to date during the Armoy Road Races and the Ulster Grand Prix.

Follow me on Twitter : @TomBoyNI

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Dakar 2017 – Follow All the Action

The Dakar is well under well with Day 5 already almost behind us!  And so far it has been epic with some massive news such as Carlos Sainz crashing out, Nasser unable to continue after his car suffering severe damage loosing a wheel and miraculously continuing on for another 80 km pretending to be a tripod over a four wheel drive car!

The is still another nine days of action to go so make sure you stay on top it!

The following resources are invaluable to stay up to date as it happens :

THE Ultimate Dakar thread – already at 150 pages and it is only Day 5!

The Official Dakar Rally Twitter :

Carlton Kirby : The Eurosport Dakar Commentator :

Official Dakar Rally Facebook :

Dakar Logo with a TBNI Twist
Dakar Logo with a TBNI Twist

Thanks for joining me for the Live Coverage of the Ukster Grand Prix 2016

Thanks to everyone who joined me for my live Twitter Coverage of the 2016 Ulster Grand Prix. 

Seven races, a monster meeting for Hutchy, with 4 wins a great show from Bruce, with a win, a super looks and a number of podiums and an always keep going from M. Dunlop earning him a load more UGP Podiums. 

All of this covered live with hundreds of tweets, so if you were with me thanks. If not hopefully you can join in next time. 

Something must have been done right though…

Maria Costello MBE  Reweet
Maria Costello MBE Reweet
Maria Costello MBE   Likes Tweet
Maria Costello MBE Likes Tweet

If you missed the action you can catch it tonight 15/08/2016 @ 21:00 GMT on BBC 2 Northern Ireland and tomorrow, 16/08/2016 @ 21:00 GMT also on BBC 2 Northern Ireland and I’m sure the BBC iPlayer shortly afterwards. 

#NC500In2Days : FREE Pannier Message Slots Available NOW!

Last year for my #WAWIn1Week challenge I offered slots on my panniers to Companies to advertise their products / brand whilst I travelled along the length of the World’s Longest Dedicated Coastal Route in a record breaking 6 days*  The uptake was great as was the feedback!

I have decided to do the same again this year and offer out my panniers for you guys to patch your brand onto the side of my bike as it travels round the coast line of Scotland in another time limited (and in my eyes record breaking)challenge of 2 days!

So what’s the catch?  There isn’t one, however I do have to want to support your brand.  It is my decision on what I put on my boxes.  It is also free!  

All you have to do is contact me, telling me a little about your brand (a website reference will do) and if I like what your are doing / about I will contact you back.  Then you just have to get the sticker made up and sent to me.  I will add it to my panniers and boom, there you have it, free advertising for you (whilst on the trip and in the subsequent photos and videos across FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and awesome looking panniers for me!

Charities are also welcome.

*I don’t know if it was actually record breaking but as I haven’t heard any difference let’s just pretend it was!

2016 #NC500In2Days Pannier Message Space Availability
2016 #NC500In2Days Pannier Message Space Availability

Coming Soon : The Game of Thrones Locations : Motorcycle Tour

With the pretty huge success my WAWIn1Week posts received and the great feedback that came with it I just thought I would let you know that I have another dedicated motorcycle post coming soon.

With the massive current popularity of Game of Thrones, and the fact that I live in the country where so much filming of it happens I took the opportunity this summer to follow the Northern Ireland Tourist’s Board Map of Game of Thrones Filming Locations.

From this I have put together some nice photographs of the locations themselves and then for the bike fans, some pics of these locations with my bike, combining scenery and machinery!

I will post up the Galleries in the coming weeks so please feel free to subscribe to this blog, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@TomBoyNI) for regular updates.

For further information on the locations themselves here is a handy link :

(There are plenty of Tours in action in relation to these locations, however if an organised Tour isn’t your thing, just remember this.  Northern Ireland is in itself a small country.  Nothing is too hard to find or too far away, a good sat nav will easily take you to all of these locations, I will add specific addresses etc to each posting to make it even easier).  Half the fun is exploring yourself so don’t be afraid to take yourself, in fact I recommend it!  And even if you do get lost you are never to far away from a pub, or local shop to stop in for a coffee and some sound free local advice!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.14.27.png
Game of Thrones Filming Locations – Northern Ireland

Amanda Holden Shows Us All That She Has Still Definitely Got It!

Amanda Holden Posts Amazing Bum Picture on Twitter!

Yesterday a ‘cheeky’ little tweet from Amanda Holden showed the world that she still Certainly has it.

So in case you missed it I am here to set that right.

Can you guess who she interviewed? Me neither and to be honest I’m not overly fussed.

Bravo though Amanda. Bravo!


Cheltenham 2012 – Not too shabby thus far!

Cheltenham, in fact any horse racing meeting is normally a disaster for me, and by disaster I mean total economic disaster.  However with Cheltenham this year things have went pretty well!  I started off with a stake of £10 and at the end of Day 2 I now have a balance of £20.  (The bets placed are not accurate here, however the stake / return ratios are exact – of X has become 2X)

And here so far is the course to glory:

14-Mar 14:59
Cheltenham, Race 5, Win Get Me Out Of Here € 4.00 € 0.00 € 20.00
14-Mar 14:57
Cheltenham, Race 4, Win Finian’s Rainbow € 4.00 € 20.00 € 24.00
13-Mar 15:50
Cheltenham, Race 6, Win Quevega € 0.00 € 0.00 € 8.00
13-Mar 15:49
Cheltenham, Race 6, Win Quevega € 5.00 € 8.00 € 8.00
13-Mar 15:48
Cheltenham, Race 5, Plc Garde Champetre € 5.00 € 0.00 € 5.00
13-Mar 15:16
Cheltenham, Race 4, Win Hurricane Fly € 6.00 € 0.00 € 10.00
13-Mar 08:56
Cheltenham, Race 2, Win Sprinter Sacre € 10.00 € 16.00 € 16.00

So anyway long may it continue, well at least for the final two days, at this rate I am going to aim for a return of 8X, although I have to admit I think X would suffice!

If you are interested in what I will be predicting over the next two days of the festival then check me out on twitter @tomboyni