Wales in Winter : Wales in a Weekend : Day 1 : 20/02/2017

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This time last year (20/02/2017) I set off on a quick trip through Wales.  I was using up the remanants of my leave from work and in an effort to feel that I wasn’t taking time off just for the sake of it, I found a quick route that I could do for very little outlay that would take in the entire length of Wales.

Starting South of Brecon and heading north I would take in the Beacons then head into Snowdownia National Park before crossing into England from North Wales and returning back to Northern Ireland on an overnight ferry.

I found the route on and having never seen Wales before, but with the ease and affordability of travel to and from Northern Ireland it seemed like a sensible option.  Accomodation was also easily sorted with a bucket load of options available on sites like – and prices ranging from very reasonable to ‘oh that must be quite fancy.’

The route can be found here :

Wales in a Weekend Route
Wales in a Weekend Route

Should you need it the sat nav gpx file can be found here : Wales in a Weekend Sat Nav GPX Download Link

The route is called Wales in a Weekend – which is realistically two days long especially in the Winter – if you like a good long distance challenge you probably could snort round it in a (long) day, but spread over two it is easily managable and very enjoyable.

Remember to factor in any travel time to get to the ‘Starting Point’ just outside Aberdare.  But from Aberdare to the end of the route at Betws y Coed you should set aside 2 days to complete.

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Motorcycle Winter Protection – ACF50, FS365 or WD40

Before going any further please read the following post :

The above covers the ACF50 product and its current number one condenter for the title of ultimate motorcycle protectant XCP Professional Rust Blocker.

So if that post holds the ‘considered’ top two products, why then the need for this post?  Simply some people havent heard of the products above or have been fed mis-information on the use (or usefulness) of these others.

A few points from my own experience:

  1.  WD40 is brilliant, but not as a winter protection product for a motorcycle, please don’t be using it as that!
  2. FS365 is a good product for frequent use, and by frequent I mean after ever ride, which can be quite costly.
  3. Personally, I use ACF-50 and between applications or after a particularly wet ride out I then cold rinse the bike and give it a good liberal dose of FS365.  I don’t know how necessary that is or isn’t but me me it has left my bikes spotless, winter after winter.

So the this test then is ACF50 v Scott Oiler FS365 and WD40, it was carried out by F2MCLTD who have kindly allowed me to link to their original experiment and findings :

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Winter is Coming : Time to Protect Your Motorcycle! ACF50 – The Answer to all your needs!

ACF-50 AntiCorrosion Formula
Winter is Coming - Time to Protect
Winter is Coming – Time to Protect

Winter is coming.  For some that may mean very little, maybe a touch colder, a touch wetter, but nothing to worry about.  However for us in the UK it means salt.  Cheap, nasty salt that gets thrown over every road whether it is +6 degrees or -6.  Although to be honest it is more likely on the +6s!

So the roads get salted, and that is a good thing.  It is for road safety, to stop ice and keep us on the black stuff and out of the nearest hedge, whether you are on two or four wheels.

However the salt may as well be concentrated sulphuric acid as far as your bike is concerned.  It will corrode it and destroy anything metal or shiny within a matter of hours, leaving your pride and joy looking like a neglected rust bucket, and you will pretty much be able to watch as the £££s fall off the bike’s value.

However all is not lost!  Enter ACF50.  This wonder juice treats your bike to a protective coating that prevents (and if necessary stops any further) corrosion from even happening.

The product itself is an oil based liquid that you spray everywhere (except brake components and tyres – as basically it will make them too slippery to stop you or keep you upright – honestly do not put ACF50 anywhere near the brakes or tyres).  Once on it works itself into every nook and cranny of the bike protecting everything it touches.

Here’s how…

Another article I found really useful in researching and subsequently choosing what winter protection to use can be found here :

I think this experiment speaks for the benefits of ACF50 far more than I could do here.

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HOW TO : ACF-50 Application [Video Guide]


I thought this would be a good potential way to attack, but not necessarily kill two birds with one stone.  I recently purchased some ACF-50 (Anti Corrosion Formula 50) to treat and protect my new bike for the rest of the winter, from the rest of the winter, and after much reading ACF-50 seems to be the product to do that!

Here is how I have described it on my YouTube Video…

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