NHS – Who is really for! Why does it exist? Do we need it? Do we want it?

This is certainly not a bite at the NHS!  The people who work in it, our doctors and nurses, paramedics, dentists and everyone else from the cleaners to the chefs are all pretty much decent hard working dedicated people, who have a genuine drive to help someone / everyone.  Of course the odd slip up will happen, but again is that the fault of the staff, no matter what grade?  No I don’t think it is, it is the fault of the management, and more so it is the fault of the government making cuts!  Cuts that cripple hospitals, close A&Es, loose Emergency Ambulances and so on.  Basically make the NHS less when the needs of a growing and ageing population, grow!

So what’s the story?  The NHS, in its principles, is excellent, truly a scheme that if run properly should be implemented the world over, it is something that the UK should be really proud of, but how can we be proud of something that is no longer in a position to look after the average man?

The government have cut and cut away at the NHS meaning that was once a famous institution is now nothing more than a business, were profits and stakeholders are more important that customers, and by customers I do of course mean patients, the sick, those in need of help – patients – NOT customers.  The stakeholders want a bigger return and that is achieved by spending less, how do they do that then?  Cut services, cut or freeze wages, cut pensions, cut…cut….cut!

So why does this annoy me?  My City has recently closed its A&E after 20:00 hours, so if you happen to get injured, have a RTC, collapse or need help, well that ambulance that scoops you up is going to drive past the nearest hospital to take you to Belfast, it could mean an extra 15 minutes in an ambulance, that’s a quarter of that all important golden hour gone!  Why…cuts.

But moving on, everyone knows there are cuts, everyone is disgusted by them, but we can’t stop the government, they will move on and they will close A&Es, relocate services and try to save money.  I can appreciate we need to save money in this ecomenic climate but let’s do it in other ways (my next post will highlight some ways to save money).  Let’s stop paying the ‘dolers’ and benefit cheats, those doing the double and claiming what they should not be getting!  Let’s properly control immigration, and asylum.  Both of which can be highly beneficial to our society, and if we are in a position to help those who genuinely need it let’s so it.  But with over 500,00o immigrants claiming benefits who have not even been screened in the UK each one getting £250 a week and a house, and not working or contributing in away way!  Let’s knock that on the head, and help the people who need help and bin the cheats!  Let’s put the people who are illegally claiming out to work, streets need cleaned, graffiti needs removed, government call centres can be manned and so on, and lets pay them the same as their ‘dole’ cheque.  Im pretty sure they’ll get a job pretty quick.

My next point refers to personal experience – a trip to the dentist.  I’m a working man, paying tax, every month since I was 18, I have never claimed benefits once, and I pay now more per month to the tax man, than I did when I earned in a month when I started working, what I want to know is were does my c£1,300 go.  When I went to the dentist I was told the NHS only pay for 20% of my treatment, I pay the other 80%!  But if I were on benefits the NHS would pay 100%.  So let me get this straight, if I contribute I get 20%, if I don’t contribute I get 100%, that seems to be a little off for me!  So I quit my job, live off benefits, and get my teeth fixed for free, I don’t and 15 minutes after entering the dentists surgery I leave with a bill for £105, and a further £360 to pay to have old filling the HNS put in my mouth replaced, as mercury isn’t great to be having in your mouth apparently!

So anyway as per usual the decent working man gets shafted, the lazy scummier gets everything, I have to pay to support someone I don’t know, someone who would probably take great pride in spitting in my face and telling me what scum I am.  Someone who no doubt I pay their rent, food bill, and put the 50″ plasma in their living room.  Then I have to find the money to look after my own mouth, as the rest of my money went into looking after theirs.

So Mr Cameron wake up, look after the people who are paying into the economy and sort out those that are not.

Oh and I am very much pro the benefits system, for those that are truly eligible, the members of our community that need help, and money and services, I gladly contribute to that system, those though that cheat it need dealt with robustly, they are bringing this country to its knees and the only people that is affecting is the honest working families, they are the ones that will suffer, as I’m pretty sure the scammers won’t stop getting their benefits paid, wake up and sort it out, before our economy does down the drain along with the fine institution that the NHS was, and can be again!


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