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28/03/2012 – A little flutter for the NBA

I have picked a few NBA teams for tonights games (which I have put on here as 28/03/2012, as thats when they start here, in the early hours, if you are viewing this blog in America or associated timezones the day of the tip-off is actually 27/03/2012.

I hit the crossbar in tonights football, missing out on one pick of both teams to score for an otherwise successful eight -timer so hope I have a bit more luck in this one.  I have pasted the bet slip here also so you can see the odds you are likely to be at for each different type of bet, as always only gamble what you can afford to loose, but more importantly, good luck.

Oh and yeah you don’t have to pick every selection here, make yourself trebles, quads, five timers or if you want a combination of them all, me, I’ll be on the six timer!

(Odds quoted are from at c.22.25hrs).

Click more to see the predictions (This is just to keep the main page tidy, you won’t be redirected or anything like that!)

Get your bet on!
Good luck!

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