29/03/2012 – NBA Predictions – Pre Pay Day Flutter Anyone?

Well the football was to be a long shot last night, and it never paid off, but it was touch and go in my humble opinion, 2-0 inane match (we needed the third) but the Barca match could have easily had 8 goals in it, it was a great match for it being a 0 – 0 affair.

But we are still up after last nights NBA, so let’s try and carry that forward, I have had a look at tonights schedule and it is interesting, I have went for the following…

Let's get some winners!
Let's get some winners!

So only 5 teams tonight after last nights winning six-fold. However I was tempted by a few more to make it even more interesting. Going on recent form and a little favouritism I’m well behind the NY Knicks for tonight, and I quite fancy the Denver Nuggets.  But the above are my top five for tonight, remember there are loads of ways to bet, doubles, trebles, quads, singles, whatever you want, but they are mine, all heaped on the accumulator.

Good luck all!


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