02/04/2012 NBA Predictions – Hopefully a simple treble!

In saying ‘hopefully a simple treble,’ what I actually mean, is please please please be a simple treble.  My predictions have gone to the dogs, so I have opted for what should be three good home wins, coming in at 9/5 it isn’t going to make anyone rich, but who know if my prayers are answered it could just buy you a few quid to play with tomorrow?

Here we have it…

Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!
Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!

Good luck everyone, if this one doesn’t cut it, I’m officially binning the NBA for a while, maybe I should stick to the WWE, as I am two for two from Wrestlemania last night! In fact I was actually five from five with my own personal predictions, but damn who in their right mind would put money on Wrestling, and why would the bookies even be taking bets on it? Who knows, who cares, hopefully people spanked the bookies last night for it anyway!


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