Back from a Summer Break…So Here’s some Kaley Cuoco on a Summer Break!

Firstly I would like to apologise to everyone for my extended silence but I simply took a little summer break.  Thanks to everyone who contacted me during this break with queries, questions or just to say hello.  But I am back now and have come back with some great stuff to get posted up.

I will start of with my apology gift to you all – a small but awesome gallery of The Big Bang’s Penny – Kaley Cuoco on the beach!  What a way to spend a 4th July 2014.  This alone would be a great reason to be American, have the 4th July as a holiday and to go to the beach!


 photo F1DB398B-BEBD-4CC9-802E-28BA0C714638_zpsvtk8xd7i.jpg photo 6353D221-F069-4FA7-8D73-005A70F3C2BB_zpshfndtsaf.jpg photo 2E1E0C63-43A9-4B67-B842-1816A3453F13_zpswu7uozc8.jpg

 photo 24FB6E53-FCC1-464B-AAC7-8F3361968828_zpsv3dmlhkv.jpg photo 23BC6652-CCDC-442F-8F48-ED8168526F94_zpso5c7lkwe.jpg photo 1F7A6BB4-AD7C-477B-8816-1C08363DF0D9_zpslj3meqka.jpg

 photo 44BB0031-DB55-4357-B88F-281F1835D732_zpsopi0lr7q.jpg photo E4378015-5399-4E8E-BBE9-F98E3B78A291_zps9aybzcnn.jpg photo 782981C5-CBBB-4B3C-8D06-BDF7CAC008F6_zpsl9hsks7t.jpg

 photo 576A89C4-524A-4EF6-934A-10A6C2E2025A_zpslehxitpf.jpg photo 6F4C1716-1775-43B5-B14A-CAA7EBF3FA33_zpsexk25nlz.jpg


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