TomTom Rider V5 Unboxing Gallery :

Having recently purchased a TomTom Rider V5 as my sat nav solution for my motorbike I became very aware that whilst browsing for the product it was hard enough to find out exactly what came in the box. To level the playing field a little I have made the following Unboxing Gallery. And just to be sure, to be sure, that any perspective buyer is completely aware of what comes in the box the contents are as follows :

TomTom Rider (V5) Sat Nav
Ram Mounting Kit (Non locking) for Mounting on bars (includes rubber to protect bars)
EU & UK Plug Options (For Wall Charging)
TomTom Rider Charging Dock & Mount (For on bike charging)
TomTom Rider Mounting Base Plate (&mounting screws, washers and bolts)
TomTom Wall Charger
TomTom Rider Wairing Kit for Hard Wiring to the Battery (see my next posting for how to hardwire to the CanBus system on a BMW Motorcycle)
USB Lead (For Syncing, Map Updating and Charging)

At this stage I have had no real use of the satnav but when I do I will update with any thoughts and a short review. As I have already stated I will be commencing some Motorcycle VLogging Soon, so I may well cover the sat nav on one such journey.

One point I feel I must raise at this stage is that with the supplied mounting kit the use of a locking kit (approx £55) is a must unless you are very disciplined in removing the sat nav each and every time you are getting off the bike. With the system supplied with the device it could be taken off your bike within 5 seconds with no trouble. It could easily be gone during a quick stop at the ATM or whilst paying for fuel. There are many other mounting systems available that will give a little more security for a quick stop but be prepared to take your kit with you for any stop that is going to be more than a few minutes or when the bike is out of eyeshot. These devices are so expensive and so appealing to scumbag thieves that you have to be aware they are vulnerable and should never be left unattended.

Enjoy your exploration!

TomTom Rider V5 UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1090762_zps6c6e4598.jpg photo P1090763_zpsbd311ed9.jpg photo P1090765_zps99569761.jpg

 photo P1090767_zps1c59e9e8.jpg photo P1090768_zps4d797ef4.jpg photo P1090769_zps3bd5b828.jpg

 photo P1090773_zpsf809822b.jpg photo P1090774_zpsdebccdd0.jpg photo P1090775_zps7fd0c5bc.jpg

 photo P1090776_zps4c192817.jpg photo P1090779_zps94570d27.jpg photo P1090782_zpsdb43c520.jpg

 photo P1090783_zps1b2dbf93.jpg photo P1090784_zps73e46171.jpg photo P1090785_zps7b2dc301.jpg

 photo P1090786_zps52029c0a.jpg photo P1090787_zps17110733.jpg photo P1090789_zps9999bc8d.jpg

 photo P1090790_zps469cfb14.jpg photo P1090788_zps989ac9a4.png


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