We love Events!

Everyone Loves Events!

NB If you have come here wondering when / where road racing events actually are please check out the TBNI Road Racing Calendar here : Road Racing Calendar

The important thing is to make sure that the details of your event get out to an audience that matter, an audience that will be interested, and an audience that will attend! That’s where we can help. We offer a range of advertising options of events that will ensure your advertising budget is well spent!

You know that TBNI is the right place to be advertising, and that is proven very simply, you found us! If you found us, the people you are interested in will also find us!

Our rates are far too good to print here for everyone to see! In fact that cliche is simply not true, our prices simply vary with what you need, but rest easy, they are that good!

We offer huge discounts to Northern Irish ands Irish events, so make sure you contact us!

Oh, and we are not limited to live, real world events, if you have an online event that you would like promoted or advertised on TBNI we are more than happy to work with you on that too!