06/05/2012 – The Day the Premier League is Decided?

With two games remaining in the Premier League for both Manchester sides today looks like the critical one. City are at the top of the league and when you look at the remaining matches on paper United should take all six points and City should have the three next week.

However today is the pivot. City take on Newcastle United and with the drive of Europe ahead of them, Newcastle definitely have a reason to dig the heels in.

The general consensus is that should City drop points here today then United will lift the trophy.

So come on Newcastle make us happy and slap City later.

Anyway it is the perfect time to have a little flutter, an interest bet in the football and I have decoded to go along with the hope that City will drop points today.

C’mon the Mighty Magpies!

(oh and I haven’t put in MUFC in the bet as it is only a low stakes interest bet and at 1/6 there’s no return, so Celtic away have filled in that spot at near evens)

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31/03/2012 : Football / Soccer Predictions (UK Leagues)

Here we go with my Saturday footie predictions, I have to be totally honest and say this season I have been pretty pathetic in the football world, every week some one does me in, but hey that’s gambling!  Maybe if you can see the one who is going to spank me avoid it!  Remember you have other options too, doubles, trebles, quads, singles or a combination of any of these!

On paper I am confident, in reality I am not, so this time wish me luck!

And this one is clocking in at around 5/1 – Prices correct according to bet365.com at c.23:30 30/03/2012.

31/03/2012 - UK Football Predictions
31/03/2012 - UK Football Predictions