02/04/2012 NBA Predictions – Hopefully a simple treble!

In saying ‘hopefully a simple treble,’ what I actually mean, is please please please be a simple treble.  My predictions have gone to the dogs, so I have opted for what should be three good home wins, coming in at 9/5 it isn’t going to make anyone rich, but who know if my prayers are answered it could just buy you a few quid to play with tomorrow?

Here we have it…

Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!
Time to get back on course with these three homers treble!

Good luck everyone, if this one doesn’t cut it, I’m officially binning the NBA for a while, maybe I should stick to the WWE, as I am two for two from Wrestlemania last night! In fact I was actually five from five with my own personal predictions, but damn who in their right mind would put money on Wrestling, and why would the bookies even be taking bets on it? Who knows, who cares, hopefully people spanked the bookies last night for it anyway!

NBA 31/03/2012 (UK) 30/03/2012 (USA) Predictions and as its Friday let’s GO NUTS!

It’s Friday night so lets make this one a biggie.  Eight teams, all to win, no handicaps, coming in at just over 9/1.

Nuff said – Get on it and good luck!

(odds correct at c23:15hrs on bet365.com) – Oh and I am currently ten out of eleven!

And again I fancy the NY Knicks too, but I have left them out of this one, at +3 they are coming at at 4/5 which I think is an awesome price and would effectively double any winners, worth it maybe if you are breaking up the bet!

Friday Night's 8er - Get on it!
Friday Night's 8er - Get on it!

NBA Predictions 29/03/2012

Well that didn’t work out. But it was close. The Pacers at 1/3 let us down. That was four out of five and I’m going to count my bit tip of the NY Knicks too so it is actually five out of six.

If you couple that with my previous six out of six I am currently ten out of eleven. Hopefully you had doubles and trebles on for the last set for a return and hopefully the Pacers feel suitably bad for a pretty stinking performance!

Next time!

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28/03/2012 – A little flutter for the NBA

I have picked a few NBA teams for tonights games (which I have put on here as 28/03/2012, as thats when they start here, in the early hours, if you are viewing this blog in America or associated timezones the day of the tip-off is actually 27/03/2012.

I hit the crossbar in tonights football, missing out on one pick of both teams to score for an otherwise successful eight -timer so hope I have a bit more luck in this one.  I have pasted the bet slip here also so you can see the odds you are likely to be at for each different type of bet, as always only gamble what you can afford to loose, but more importantly, good luck.

Oh and yeah you don’t have to pick every selection here, make yourself trebles, quads, five timers or if you want a combination of them all, me, I’ll be on the six timer!

(Odds quoted are from bet365.com at c.22.25hrs).

Click more to see the predictions (This is just to keep the main page tidy, you won’t be redirected or anything like that!)

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16/03/2012 NBA Tips and Predictions – Another 7/1 Shot


Those are my tips for tonight. The top one there for anyone who doesn’t know refers to Crossmaglen Rangers a GAA Football team who pretty much rule their sport and at -3.5 should be an easy touch at almost evens. that’s a St Paddy’s Day match so of the NBA results come in it will give you a sweat while you get your Guiness down ya!

So bet sensibly for fun and enjoy

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NBA 15/03/2012 – A 7/1 Shot just for fun!

As the title says this is just for fun, there are a few ‘ropey’ ones in there, but I haven’t put up a basketball flutter in a while so here you go, late notice I know, but hey is it not more fun this way…Will the Heat spank the Bulls at home though?  The bookie seems to think so!

Good luck, to me I mean 🙂

The Heat are strong favourites here considering they are playing the Bulls away, IMHO anyway!

Well that’s one for one!

Well that’s one for one and I know it has taken me a while to update you but here’s another one for you…

I’m taking no responsibility for this one so it isn’t counting against my stats. But here you go, tonight at Dundalk at 20.00 you wanna pay a bit of interest to ‘Romeo’s on Fire’ currently firing in at 8/1!

Good luck and happy birthday to me!

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NBA Predicitions for 06/03/2012 – A tidy fivefold!

So there you have it, my first set of predictions, comes in at around 3/1 so wish me luck.