MLA’s get an 11% Payrise! Forget the teachers, doctors, paramedics and police!

Yeah indeed, they get an extra £5000

Extract from the BBC News Website : See the full story here :

An independent panel has decided that assembly members pay should rise by almost £5,000 from April 2013.

The 11% increase to £48,000 will be financed by a cut in office costs.

An MLA’s basic pay is currently £43,101. MLAs who are committee chairs get another £11,331, while deputy chairs get an extra £5,667.

Junior ministers get £19,609 on top of the basic while ministers get £37,801. The first and deputy first ministers are entitled to £114,535 each.

Now maybe I am out of line here but at a time when the average Joe is struggling financially, a time when fuelling a car is becoming difficult for the working man / woman, it is not the time for our ‘elected’ representatives to be bumping up their wage to the tune of £5000.

This is at the same week when health workers earning under £21,000 will get an extra £250 ANNUALLY, anyone over it will be FROZEN for ANOTHER YEAR!

This is at the same time were the UK  Police are looking at having their wages FROZEN FOR THREE YEARS.

This is at the same time the genuinely decent human being out working every day is getting taxed on food, fuel, road tax, PAYE Tax, TAX TAX, to make sure the scum of society can get their benefits and luxuries like their 50″ Plasma TV to watch that wee shit Jeremy Kyle on, instead of getting off their ass and getting a JOB.

This is at the same time that the UK has accepted that there are around 500,000 illegal immigrants claiming benefits that they can’t possibly process.  This is forgetting about the immigrants that are here and getting benefits under fraudulent asylum claims.  (BTW I support beneficial immigration and genuine asylum.)

This is at the same time that the banks are being bailed out by the ordinary decent tax paying man and woman.

This is at the time when the average Joe is crippled trying to keep themselves right and decent!  Who is paying these extra £5000, yeah indeed the average Joe!

Sort it out Stormont!  I hear you scream but we are cutting expenses to fund this rise – behave yourself!  We all know what Politicians and expenses means.  Nice garden gnomes by the way where did they come from?  Oh really expenses, well shit!  Gimme my bit of the gnome back!

Show me the money, oh no wait the Politicians are getting it!
Show me the money, oh no wait the Politicians are getting it!



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