2011 Smart ForTwo (451) Rear Indicator (Signal) Bulb Replacement :

This process can be applied to any bulb located in the rear cluster.


This noise coupled with an extremely fast flashing indicator normally means a blown bulb.

So on this occasion it was the rear nearside that had decided it had served its time.

This is a very easy repair and although not one that will save you an absolute fortune, it will save you the price of a good take out meal for you and the Mrs / Mr! Who would want to turn that down, eh?

The first and really only thing you will need is a replacement indicator (signal) bulb. Check the bulb before you buy, but I believe it is a BLB382A :

1. It is orange.
2. The pins are offset.

Try your local Motor Factors for the bulb first, this is how you will be saving the money! My local had one and it came in at a whopping £1.00, yep a single one pound coin. One of the ‘High Street’ Retailers was looking £9.99 and £6.99 to fit it.

This little process saved me… £15.98 – Better in my pocket, and supports our local Motor Factors.

The procedure itself is very simple and I will outline it in points.

1. Remove the cover from inside the boot corresponding the the side that needs the blub replaced.

 photo P1020818_zps63bc5a2a.jpg

2. Gently remove the sound proofing to allow you access to the rear light cluster panel.

 photo P1020824_zps6bbac9fb.jpg

3. Squeeze the clip highlighted, this will free the cluster unit. This is actually the hardest bit – Remove the cluster, to enable access to the bulbs. You will notice a cable running into the cluster I disconnected this for the purposes of taking the photos. If you have enough room to work without removing this there is no necessity to do so.

 photo P1020825b_zps3cea31e7.jpg

4. Replace the blown bulb.

 photo P1020827_zpsb6abdcea.jpg

5. Reseat the cluster unit – listening for the click from the clip.

6. Adjust the soundproofing.

7. Re-attach the access panel.

8. Safely dispose of the blown bulb.

9. Enjoy the safety of a full set of indicators.


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