Sneak Peak – Leaked Subaru ‘WRX’ Concept Images

New images that have just appeared across the net suggest that Subaru is about to preview the new ‘WRX.’

Subaru are expected to be bringing a new ‘performance concept’ to the New York Car Show today / tomorrow (dependent on your time zone) and it seems that this may well be it…






From :

Dressed in Subaru’s classic WR Blue, complete with yellow highlights, the concept suggests a stunning new styling direction for the company. Sharp-suited and aggressive, the usual Subaru styling cues are all there, but brought dramatically up-to-date with hints of BRZ. How much of the concept will make it to production remains to be seen – but it has to be said that with the exception of some fancy lights, it doesn’t look too far from a realistic production proposal. And while there’s no word on a powerplant yet, internet talk of a 2.0-litre four-cylinder boxer capable of producing around 300hp has our mouths watering.

The only stumbling block for us in the UK at this point is that in December Subaru announced they will be shortly pulling the WRX range from sale due to decreasing demand.

Subaru. We need this motor!


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