Ten Second Game Review : Call of Duty : Ghosts

For me that was a great way to finish Christmas Day – Completing COD : Ghosts.

Now I have read, as I am sure you have that COD and Infinity Ward have lost their way. Frame rate issues plague the game and COD and first rate shooters are so over done they are practically dead.

I disagree.

I really enjoyed this game. Admittedly I haven’t played online and I probably won’t. However I will be starting again a play through on ‘Veteran.’

The graphics and visuals are top notch. I noticed absolutely no frame rate issues. Everything was smooth and presented beautifully.

As for the story – Great stuff! I found it compelling and immersive. I felt a bond develop with the Ghosts. Their story and history both intrigued me.

First person shooters are certainly a dime a dozen however as far as the single player goes COD : Ghosts, is good. It is about five and half hours long, this may sound short but it does mean that on a lazy afternoon you can blast through this story in one sitting.

I for one am certainly looking forward to Ghosts 2!


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