Tar and Traffic Film Removal

As a driver of a white car I am unfortunately plagued by Tar Spots and Road and Traffic Film on my paintwork.

The product that I use and thoroughly recommend is ‘Holts – Tar and General Spot Remover.’ It costs about £5 and the results are excellent. However it is a little messy and reasonably time consuming. In basic terms I use it as follows :

1. Pre wash with the power hose.
2. Snow Foam.
3. 2 Bucket Wash.
4. Holts Tar and Spot Remover.
5. Power hose wash and rinse.
6. Another 2 Bucket wash (just to remove any remaining Holts – it is a bit messy).
7. Polish…Wax…Sealant etc…

Holts is really easy to use, simply spray it on the spots, you will notice they almost instantly get darker, wait about 3 minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth. Then give the car a quick clean and at the very least a good coat of polish to protect your newly gleaming paintwork!

Spray over the Tar Spots with Holts…
 photo P1080165_zpsf63fb294.jpg
 photo P1080166_zps58f5ad94.jpg
 photo P1080167_zps50900bc5.jpg
 photo P1080169_zps411f0ce6.jpg
 photo P1080170_zps8d4f865b.jpgLet it sit for around 3 minutes…And wipe with a clean cloth, power hose off any residue, a quick was a coat of polish and you are good to go!
 photo 60771f54-6144-4453-928b-777da59708b5_zpsa01ed1fb.jpg
 photo P1080173_zpscb9a72bf.jpg
 photo P1080176_zps6aa3deed.jpg


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