2017 Tandragee 100 : Results

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Well today unfortunately the weather forecasts could not have been more wrong. For at least the last week the forecast was overcast, but dry. That was wrong it was overcast and wet

The day did start off dry and we got a couple of races before the mizzle started. The problem is it never stopped and as the day went on, it got harder right up to the point where there were reports coming in (via Twitter) of standing water on sections of the course. 

This was the forecast for the hour following the Senior Support Race : 

2017 Tandragee 100 Weather
2017 Tandragee 100 Weather

The deteriorating weather conditions and a race incident (no further details known at this stage) – just at the end of the Senior Support Race brought the days events to an end – before we could have a SuperSports race and the days feature race – The Tandragee 100.

Most importantly I wish a speedy recovery to the rider involved in the Race Incident. 

The Results of the days completed races are as follows :

Superbike Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Derek Sheils
  2.  William Dunlop
  3.  Derek McGee

Junior Support Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Joseph Loughlin
  2.  Michael Browne
  3.  Jamie Williams

Supersport Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Derek McGee
  2.  William Dunlop
  3.  Derek Sheils

Classic Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Barry Davidson
  2.  Jamie O’Brien
  3.  Nigel Moore

125cc Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Adam McLean
  2.  Sam Wilson
  3.  Nigel Moore

Lighweight Supersport Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Darryl Tweed
  2.  Seamus Elliot
  3.  Paul Gartland

Senior Support Race Result Tandragee :

  1.  Joseph Loughlin
  2.  Jamie Williams
  3.  Jonathan Gormley

It’s the Cookstown 100 next…


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