Flickr Goes Premium – Another image hosting upheaval on route.

Flickr Goes Premium
Flickr Goes Premium

UPDATE : 05/12/2018 : I have managed to bring my image count to under 1000 on the Flickr platform.  That should mean the rest of the galleries are safe, however I will be moving them all off Flickr.  Their unbelievable greed has made them a non-entity of a platform to me.  Good luck to all who continue to use it, but honestly there are alternatives!

Flickr 1000 image limit
Flickr 1000 image limit

First it was Photobucket – now Flickr has went down the pay to use model and has DOUBLED its prices from its previous Pro Option.

That puts it out of my price band – and means I need to find an alternative.

Remember this is not a commercial blog and is funded from my own pocket.

After a couple of days of testing and setting it up I believe I have got it so that I can link Google Photos Galleries into my posts.  Hopefully.  Please Google – stay blog friendly!  Please!

The good news is that Google Photos offers unlimited storage at high resolution and the galleries, now, seem to be linking quite nicely into the posts.

The bad news is that having moved on from Photobucket – and losing who knows how many images to their despicable blocking technique – I now have to move on from Flickr and unfortunately I have 1000s of images hosted on their system.  Their compliance system is every bit as diabolical – in that they will be deleting anything over your 1000th image starting at the oldest.  However they claim that the Free account still has a 1TB limit, but is limited to 1000 images?

So, Flickr, if my maths is right you can have 1000 x 1000MB images – WHO!  I mean really?  WHO!

Again I need to ask for your help if you notice any images missing please let me know so I can get them fixed, hopefully I will get enough moved over to Google Photos (before the Flickr bots start shafting us and ruining our content) to stay below their 1000 image limit and eventually off their greedy systems totally.

Use this form to contact me with any issues you find – I honestly appreciate it!

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Google Photos
Google Photos

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