Portrush Air Show Cancelled

2020 Portrush Air Show Cancelled
2020 Portrush Air Show Cancelled

Portrush Air Show Cancelled : Today it has been confirmed that the 2020 Portrush Air Show (Airwaves) has been cancelled thanks to budget cuts by the Causeway Coast and Glens Council.

Somehow the council has found itself £68,000,000 in debt so in its wisdom has decided to cut one of the events that brings huge tourism to the area. Estimates suggest that the Portrush Air Show brings around £2,000,000 to Portrush and the North Coast annually in revenue. The Council funding the Air Show runs to the region of £240,000 – so remove £240k and loose £2 Million. How do these decision makers get in power, why do we vote them in and moreso how do they get their area £68 Million in debt?

The North Coast area of Northern Ireland should be buzzing just one year after The Open came to Royal Portrush Golf Club but instead Portrush is losing events and facilities that should have been securing money to the area and the Portrush Air Show is not all that has suffered.

The full extent of the cuts that the Council will be making can be found here : https://www.causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk/uploads/general/200212_SCM_Item_4_Savings_for_Inclusion_in_rates_Estimates_V2_REDACTED.pdf

But here are some the main points :

Waterworld Portrush
Waterworld Portrush
  • The Portrush Air Show is Cancelled.
  • Waterworld will be closed.
  • Other Leisure and Environmental Services will be cut.
  • Rates will increase by 7.65%
  • New Parking Charges will be introduced.
  • Bins (Black) will now one be collected monthly.

So really what that means is all the good work and rejuvenation of Portrush in recent years is now wasted. The nostalgic reasons for visiting Portrush for local Northern Irish people is diminishing away to nothing as are the reasons for foreign visitors. Barry’s future is in question, Waterworld will be closed and the Air Show is no more. What was becoming a increasingly desirable place to live with new sea view and sea side apartments popping up everywhere will now suffer with a rates hike. Your rubbish will be emptied once a month, so the amount of vermin will increase, fly tipping will increase and the place will be dirtier – simple science. You’ll get charged for parking, but the good news is there will be loads of spaces because no one will be visiting.

The NW200 is still secured thanks to a new sponsorship deal with FonaCab and Nicholl Oils but this has been a bad and sad day for the North Coast.

Of course there are still reasons to visit one of the most beautiful and one of my personal favourite parts of Northern Ireland, such as the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, The Dark Hedges, Bushmills, Ballintoy Harbour and of course the simply glorious Causeway Coastal Route -so please make sure you do visit and support the area, just don’t expect anything good from the Council whether you are a visitor or resident!

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