G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER : Unboxing

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER : Unboxing :

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER
G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER

Introduction :

In 2018 the hugely popular Casio G-SHOCK got a facelift, in fact it was much more of a facelift, more like a massive upgrade.

Now that upgrade should take nothing away from the functionality, usability and relevance of the (still available) previous generation of the Rangeman. The huge difference between the two is that the 2018 Rangeman is now a full on GPS System for your wrist.


With the latest offerings from Casio now entering the Smart and Fitness worlds is the Rangeman still a good option?

I feel, yes. For two reasons. Firstly this isn’t a ‘Smart’ or ‘Fitness’ watch. It’s a watch with a navigation device built in. The Rangeman doesn’t measure heart rate, pace, run stats etc so isn’t in competition with a fitness monitor and it isn’t a smart watch. It doesn’t get your text messages or tell you you have an email. It could be one of two things then – a hiking / exploration watch or a survival / adventure tool.

If you are a G-Shock fan you will know all about the Master of G Series, of which this watch one. If not it is the G-Shock Premium range, made in Japan, considered to be well manufactured and as such commands a premium price tag. The RRP of this watch is £799 – although offers do frequently appear so if you are in the market keep your eyes peeled.

Sizing :

If you are considering a Rangeman the first thing you should know is that this thing is a beast. The watch is huge, and if your wrists are in any way below average size the watch will probably look comical, even on an average wrist the watch is noticeably large. It also feels quite heavy to me. It certainly isn’t uncomfortable, in fact Casio have done an outstanding job to make something so big, so comfortable. I strongly suggest you try one on to see if you could live with the size, if you can then you are in for a treat of a watch.

Now onto the watch itself.

Power :

Power – charging can be done in 2 ways. Solar or using the USB cradle.

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER : Charging Cradle and Cable
G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER : Charging Cradle and Cable

Under normal (non GPS intensive) usage solar power will see most users through, however if you use the GPS feature frequently or heavily a fewl hours on the cradle will top the battery up.

Casio claims that without using the navigation system the battery will last an impressive 27 months and if intensively using the GPS you will get 33 hours. Looking at GPS satnavs (on batter power) or a mobile phone, is 33 hours is definitely worth taking note of.

Triple Sensor :

Along with GPS the watch features G-Shock’s triple sensor including an altimeter, barometer . thermometer and a digital compass. Does that not make it a quad sensor?

Other Features :

The display itself it is not your usual digital watch display, it is more akin to a e-reader, which makes it exceptionally easy to read and when in the dark the back light and readout combination is simply a joy to read.

The menu system is something completely unique to this G-Shock. It works through a series of crown presses and twists to navigate through the two pages of options which cover everything from phone settings to sunrise and tidal times and graphs. It takes a bit of getting used to but the amount of options and settings is impressive as is the navigation between them.

The watch also connects to a mobile phone and this is particularly useful for the GPS Settings and lets users plot and record graphs, waypoints and movements. The watch also has a feature to record waypoints which can be used as a backtracking system. This can be used independently of a smart phone, in fact the watch functions perfectly well on its own and is in no way reliant on a paired device.

Full Tutorial Video :

The following video is an hour and half long, but don’t let that put you off, this review and user guide is all any potential purchaser should know and will give you a detailed explanation of every single setting on this device. The fact that there is a 90 minute user guide video should give you some idea of the depth of functionality of this watch…

From G-Shock :

“From the G-SHOCK Master of G Series Mud Master Range, designed and engineered for surviving and thriving severe natural environments comes a new Triple Sensor RANGEMAN model. 

It has a powerful body that is shock resistant, dust resistant, mud resistant, low temperature resistant, and water resistant to 200m, comes packed with functions that make it the first G-SHOCK capable of GPS navigation. GPS and a digital compass combine to guide you to your destination, while the watch tracks your routes and stores waypoint information in the memory, making this the perfect tool for survival activities. The GPS functions can be used for 33 hours after about five hours of wireless charging, and a dual charging system supports both wireless charging and solar charging. 

When the battery reaches a level where GPS is no longer supported, it can be temporarily restored by exposing the watch to high-intensity light for solar charging. Connecting over Bluetooth® to the G-SHOCK Connected app running on a phone greatly expands GPS function performance, allowing you to create routes, display your routes on 3D maps and more. The result is a totally new type of G-SHOCK that is designed for advanced function and built for the ultimate in toughness.”

You can read the full technical specs of the watch here :


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